Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to School

Hello again!

It's that time... back to school time. So my already sporadic posts will become even more spread out.

We had inservice this past week, which is earlier than usual, because we're starting school much earlier than usual. Two full weeks before Labor Day. By the time that weekend hits, I'm going to be exhausted...

Anyway, I've been in for trainings and meetings and curriculum planning, but also setting up my room in the middle of all of those things. This year I purchased a set of posters from Lindsay's Kodaly Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers... you can find them here if you're interested. I think they look great- I printed them out in color on cardstock and laminated them so I can use them for years to come! Since I have to decorate two classrooms, this was much more cost efficient than purchasing two separate sets of posters ready-made.

Here are some highlights from one of my classrooms... I share this one with the art teacher:
I'm going to try to use more specific vocabulary with my kids this year. We did a lot with instruments last year so they should be familiar with the families at this point!

Here's my rules! They were very similar to this last year, so I was excited that the posters in this set matched what my kids already know!

My rhythm wall, using Kodaly syllables. : )

We got all new books this year (YAY!!!!!!!) and there they are with my behavior chart and genre vocabulary. Last year I did Composer of the Month and picked a composer or songwriter who had a birthday in that month. We would listen to a clip from one of their songs each week and learn a fact about them each week. I got that idea from my student teaching co-op. This year, I am going to pick a Performer of the Month- a singer, band, or musician. For September we are going to learn about Bruce Springsteen!

Here's my other room... I don't have to share this one! I love this space. It's recently renovated and it's so nice to have my own room:

I love this bulletin board! I got some new borders and letters from Teacher Created Resources this year.

Here's one corner - you see lots of the watercolor-themed vocabulary, rhythm wall, and my Performer of the Month bulletin board. 

The other corner, with the rules, staff bulletin board and my instrument posters. 
I set my chairs up in a "U" shape to leave a nice big space in the room for movement. I got this idea when I was a long-term music sub - the teacher before me set up her class this way, and I liked how it still allowed for instrument set up and/or movement in a limited space.

I had so many records. So many. I didn't want to throw them away. And then I had this idea... what if I made them into Olympic medals? 
I am so proud of this display for the GIANT bulletin board in the hallway outside my room!
(On the other end, on the left side, are two smaller displays for band and orchestra. On the red/polka dot paper, I'm going to put up some music jokes to start the year for something fun. : )

This year I got a ton of chalkboard Duct tape at Target (it was buy one, get one free!) and I ordered chalk pens from Amazon. I'm using them to label anything that needs labeled- drawers, cupboards, bins, etc. It will tie everything together and they're fun to use! I can also use them to draw on the windows of my classroom doors.

Setting up this year was more fun since I had more time to think about it. It doesn't feel so "thrown together at the last minute" and I like feeling more organized to start the year off!

Good luck to all you teachers out there!