Friday, June 19, 2015

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little bit of love

WOW. So, it's been a while. Thank you, faithful reader out there, for sticking with me.

Right now we're toward the end of naptime so I don't know how much time I have to write... it's like a ticking timebomb!

Little Baby Z is two months old! (Almost 10 weeks.) I can't believe how fast time has gone. He grows and changes every day, which is amazing to watch.

Being a mom is...


I have a very gassy baby, and I feel like half the time I'm sitting in a giant fart cloud. : )

I no longer have many qualms about bodily functions. (Including my own.)

The worst is when he's crying and I can't figure out why, or I know why and nothing I can do is helping. (This week has been challenging because he had his two-month shots on Tuesday... which has made him very fussy and tired.)

My favorite is when he falls asleep on my chest or tummy and I can just look down, kiss his beautiful little head, and watch him sleep.

I have a great mommy group on Facebook where we can all ask each other questions and go for support. My own mommy has been great to call for support, and when I visit home, my parents are wonderful grandparents and give me room to breathe a bit. My in-laws (parents and sister) have been fantastic. And I have some friends that have been super helpful, especially one in particular that has been my "Mary Poppins." She showed up yesterday morning after I sent her an early-morning plea... when she arrived I was sweaty, covered in spit up, still had morning breath, hadn't eaten breakfast or gone to the bathroom, was still wearing my glasses, and had my hair in a bedhead bun... at 11 AM. She swooped in to the rescue, and I could get a shower, run laundry, empty the dishwasher, pump out a bottle and SLEEP. It was wonderful.

One of the things I have appreciated most has been the food that people brought us. It has been spread out and/or freezable, so I haven't had to cook much since we brought Baby Z home. Which is awesome because the last thing I want to do when A gets home is cook, and though we have pizza and Chinese nearby, they get old very fast.

His little smiles and laughs are the best. 

The best things we have:
* Swing
* Bouncer
* Pack n play with bassinet
* Playmat with toys and mirror
* A million burp cloths... with our little guy they get dirty so fast and I can't do laundry every day
* my SIL's Baby Bjorn carrier... I registered for and received a Boba Wrap and an Infantino Carrier, but I kind of hate them both (and so did Baby Z). The Baby Bjorn has been the best so far. I may get an Ergo carrier when we have a few extra sheckles in the bank account.
* My breast pump, which is a Medela I got through Aeroflow. Aeroflow is the best. They take care of everything - insurance, doctor, ordering the pump - for you. 
* My nursing pajamas. My mom told me I needed them. I was like, nahhhhh. She bought me a pair. She was right. I just ordered another. 

I'm going to wrap this up while I'm ahead, but I swear I'll try to be back soon. We are starting to have more of a predictable schedule now. : )

Take care!

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  1. So glad that things are going well, overall! He is so adorable! :)