Sunday, March 1, 2015

WDW February 2015: Table Service Meals

I'm back!

As promised, here is my review of our table-service meals that we got to experience on our latest trip to Disney World in February. (I already talked about our quick-service meals in this post.)

My original plan for reservations was a lot different than what we wound up with... but since we didn't have our resort reservations made by 180 days before our trip, I had to make our reservations one by one. It's soooooooo much easier if you have your resort reservation first, because you can make your dining reservations for ten days of your trip at a time from the day you are to arrive. (For example, if you're arriving on February 1st, you can make your reservations 180 days in advance for the whole week of February 1st if you have your resort confirmation number. If you don't have a resort confirmation number yet, you can only make your advance reservations 180 days before February 1st, and then you have to get back on the next day and make your reservations for February 2nd, etc.)

ANYWAY... Our original plan involved going to Tutta Italia in EPCOT, Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, Fulton's Crab House in Downtown Disney, the Hoop de Doo Revue at the Wilderness resort, and breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. The first three we wanted to go back to after we ate there on our honeymoon, and I was interested in both reserving a breakfast and a dinner show.

The only one from that plan I got into was Tutta Italia. And you know what, it still turned out okay! I was excited to try some new places, and we really enjoyed all of them... which goes to show that it's totally okay if things don't go according to plan! (By the way... the website is a wonderful place to research menus if you are planning a Disney trip. I relied on it while planning ours!)

We did go to Tutta Italia the first night of our trip... it is such a great way to start the week.

I went to take a picture of everyone at our table, and our waiter appeared from nowhere and said "No no, I take the picture! You sit down." So we got a really nice group shot the first night there. I especially appreciate the photobomb by the guy who is painted on the wall in the background. (Facebook wanted me to tag him haha.)

Anyway, the service was amazing as usual, and our food was also fantastic. Even though appetizers weren't included in our meal plan, we still got calimari... it's A's favorite, and Tutta's is hard to beat (although Fulton's was good on our last trip!) 

As far as the entrees went, A. talked both of our moms and my dad into trying the gnochetti, which he had last trip and really enjoyed. I had the sole again, which was delicious and also GIANT. Seriously, the filet I got touched both ends of my plate. It was delicious and a little different than the original one I had - which involved asparagus and capers - this one had more spinach, but that is excellent pregnancy fare. : ) A's dad got the lasagna and my brother got the salmon, which they both thoroughly enjoyed. 

For dessert, I went way off the beaten track. If you've been reading this blog, you know that all this baby wants is slushies and ice and things like that. Plus, I was super full after trying to finish that giant piece of fish! So I decided to try the lemon sorbetti. It was a FANTASTIC decision. It came in a tall glass with chocolate garnishes, and was perfectly light after my meal. Was it the most exciting dessert I ever had? No... but it was really, really tasty. If I remember correctly, pretty much everyone else at the table went for the cheesecake except for my mom, who got the Torta di Nutella. She let me try some of it, and it had an interesting texture, but was good. (I don't think I could have eaten a whole plate of it though.)

Our second night, we went to Hollywood and Vine, the buffet restaurant at Hollywood Studios. We got the Fantasmic package, which was totally worth it. The food there was good but I think I'd try something different next time. It's difficult to do a buffet when you're a group of 7 because you have to juggle getting in and out of the table when everyone is ready to get more food... and the atmosphere of the restaurant wasn't the best compared to other Disney restaurants we've eaten at. A. and I were racking our brains trying to remember if any of the dishes really stood out and we didn't really come up with much. I did enjoy the chocolate-dipped pineapple for dessert... I should have just eaten plates and plates of that. The best part was that when we went to Fantasmic, we just walked right in 15 minutes before the show and sat down in the reserved section. Our seats were good and we didn't get wet. : )

Some of my pictures from the show. : ) 

On Wednesday we had lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant in EPCOT. The atmosphere of the restaurant was neat but for some reason I had pictured this big aquarium in the middle of the restaurant with the seating around it. Instead the aquarium makes up one whole "wall" of the restaurant, and all of the seating is on tiered levels facing the aquarium. We were on the very top tier, so far away from the aquarium, but there wasn't seating near the front for a group of seven. It was okay anyway because we could still see the fish, sharks, and stingrays just fine!

We got the creamy crap dip as an appetizer (even though it wasn't included in the dining plan) and that was a great way to start the meal. A. and I both had the manicotti with lobster tail... yum! My brother had the pork belly, my mom got the salmon, A's dad got the steak, and both my dad and A's mom got the mahi mahi. Again, we were all really happy with our choices. But what I really remember from this meal were the desserts!

A's Turtle Cheesecake with Caramel. See how it's shaped like a turtle!? Plus it was really delicious! The blue on top was blown sugar... edible, but I don't think A. ate it haha. 

A's mom got the Coconut-Mango Chiffon Tart. So pretty! She let me have a corner of the cake and it was very fruity and light. 

This was my dessert... the Chocolate Wave. I really enjoyed the balance of the raspberry with the chocolate cake. 

My brother also had the Bailey's and Jack Daniels Mousse... obviously didn't try that but he said it was good. I have a hard time imagining what it would taste like.

Thursday's dinner was our "signature dining" for the week and took two of our table service credits. We went to Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian Resort. Half the fun for me was going to the resort and walking around... visiting the resort lobby and checking out some of the landscaping. That place is so gorgeous and I swear I'll stay there someday even if it's only for a night!

Narcoossee's is right off the boat dock at the edge of the resort and easy to find. Our reservation was for 7:30 pm and when we arrived it was kind of noisy, but as the night went on the crowd cleared a bit and the atmosphere calmed. Before we talk food, the view was really nice... there were windows around the outside wall of the restaurant and you could see the Magic Kingdom and the other resorts from the table. When it came time for the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, the lights in the restaurant dimmed and they piped in the music from the park so you could enjoy the whole fireworks experience right from the restaurant! That was super cool. We could also see the Electric Water Pageant travel around the lake as we finished our desserts. That aspect of dinner alone was super awesome.

Now... the food.

We didn't get appetizers here. I really wanted to have enough room for all of my meal and my dessert. They did bring out bread and butter while we were waiting for our entrees... and like I said, the atmosphere of the restaurant (and the company) was nice enough that any wait we had didn't seem like a wait at all. I had the "Pan seared Georges Bank Day Boy Scallops" (say that ten times fast, right?) which came with trofie pasta (never heard of it), raisins, almonds, string beans, arugula, and several other accoutrements. This is what it looked like:

And it was AWESOME. 

I wasn't sure what it would be like with all of those extras thrown in - I was especially skeptical about the raisins - but I figured the chefs put all of those flavors together for a reason. I really like scallops and this was super delicious.

The popular choices at our table were the surf and turf (steak and lobster tail) and the steamed lobster. My mom and A's mom both asked if they could substitute scallops for lobster in the surf and turf and it wasn't a problem at all. 

I took a picture of the dessert menu to send to my friend C. I knew which dessert I was getting before I even got to the restaurant because of all of my previous research... but see which you would pick:

C. (and my dad and brother) picked the coconut and chocolate creme brulee, but the rest of us went with the cheesecake. It's one of the top-rated desserts in all of the Walt Disney World Resort.

So fancy! And very, very good. As far as cheesecakes go, this one was pretty sweet (meaning sugary).

Finally, on Friday, we had brunch at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. My aunt, who lives in Orlando, met up with us for the day and joined us for brunch. Not only did we get some pictures taken with characters from Winnie the Pooh, we also had delicious breakfast food in a beautiful restaurant. (Although again, it was also loud and crowded.)

Piglet was super excited about the Baby Z bump... and you can see my happy FIL off to the side haha : )

I got an omelet at the made to order station and that was very good. But I have to say my favorite thing out of all the food there was to offer, was the stuffed french toast that was in the "kids" buffet station. I wound up eating more of that than anything else! It was also nice to get some fresh fruit from the buffet after not feeling like I ate enough fruits or vegetables all week. 

So, sorry for the marathon post, but there you have it... our table service meals for our week at Disney this year! Thanks for sticking with me. : ) Now go eat something yummy!



  1. Ohhhhh it all sounds so good! Scott and I have spontaneously decided to go to Florida next week, and considered going to Disney. Because of all we want to do (including Universal because I need to go to Harry Potter world...) AND because of your Disney posts (from your honeymoon and this trip), I convinved him we should plan a trip for Disney next year. I would love to go and stay in a resort and get a meal plan. Don't be surprised if I bombard you eventually with questions and recommendations! :)

    1. YAY!!! Have a blast! : ) Don't be afraid to ask away... I love talking Disney. If anything falls through with this teaching thing I'm gonna look into being a travel agent, I swear.