Saturday, March 21, 2015

Close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine

We're in Week 37 of Baby Z.

It's the home stretch!

Literally - everything is stretching. I really didn't notice any stretch  marks before the last two weeks. (My skin must be extra flexible?) But now... they're on my legs, my hips, and my belly. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little depressing. Because you know stretch marks don't really go away. I'm trying to tell myself they are like my pregnancy battle scars. And we would like another kid in a few years, so it'll just re-stretch (or maybe stretch more).

Everything is still going well with Baby Z, and I can tell he's taking up a lot of room in there. There's not so much kicking any more as there are giant, crazy movements that make it look like I have an alien movie happening in my abdomen. I'm effacing, I'm dilating, all that good stuff... so it could be a matter of days or weeks before he decides to make an appearance.

The nursery is almost ready - we have most of it set up, the big important things anyway. I've been working on washing clothes and removing tags on toys and making room in the bathroom and kitchen for the baby stuff. We have also been trying to clean up other things around the house, and I think even A has been "nesting" a bit - he's been intent on getting his workspace in the garage put together, putting up new lighting where we wanted to do it - just lots of little home improvement projects. We've been giving Lowe's a lot of money haha.

Penny has been helping to assemble the nursery, which is Finding Nemo themed. : )

My feet have still been swelling to epic proportions... lately they have also started swelling upward as well as outward, leaving me very few shoe options... mostly flip flops and my giant wide sneakers.

I have a list of things that I'm looking forward to once Baby Z is out. I think they are realistic expectations - for example, I know I'm still going to be exhausted all the time, so I don't expect that to disappear suddenly! 

- Wearing normal shoes again
- Sleeping on my tummy without a giant nest of pillows taking over the bed!
- Wrapping a towel around myself - the whole way! -  after showering
- Having coffee/a drink once in a while... this hasn't been a huge sacrifice for me but looking forward to it anyway
- Bending over easily to pick something up
- Flipping over in bed without it taking ten minutes and having it sound like I've just run a marathon
- Wearing normal pants with a belt... don't get me wrong, maternity pants with their elastic waistbands are awesome, but inevitably they stretch and start falling down - and that big elastic support makes it difficult to adjust yourself subtly!
- Walking without feeling like a Barbie doll that someone has snapped the legs off of

Etc, etc, etc.

The mood swings at this point are also extreme. Everything annoys me because I am cranky pretty much all the time... I try to keep myself in check but I can tell you, especially some of these days at school, it's rough. I officially have five more school days before my maternity leave begins. Wahoo!

Anyway, that's the latest and greatest on Baby Z and me... I'll keep you posted! Maybe by this time this week he'll be here already! : )


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