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WDW February 2015: Snacks and Quick-service Meals

I have posted about this in the past - after our honeymoon (here, here, and here) and after our trip to Disneyland (here and here)... Disney has some truly awesome food. While we visited a few places we really like on our trip last week, we also had the opportunity to try some new things. (We were disappointed we couldn't get reservations at Be Our Guest or Fulton's Crab House, but I think it's good to try new places... there are so many, after all, and we don't want to get stuck in a rut!)

Fountain at the French Quarter

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter again, and got the regular Disney Dining Plan on this trip, which is one table-service (sit down) meal, one quick-service (counter/fast-food) meal, and one snack (basically a la carte items under $5.00) per person per night of your stay. On our honeymoon we used the Deluxe Dining Plan because we had so many signature meals reserved, and the amount of food was overwhelming. I would say that the regular plan for us on this trip was just right. I know my parents and in-laws wound up paying out of pocket for some quick-service meals by the end of the week, because they also got up and went to breakfast in the morning... but A. doesn't generally eat breakfast, and I was able to get pastries or beignets with snack credits in the resort food court, so by the end of the week we had comfortably used all of our meals and snacks while only paying out of pocket for one or two snacks.

One of the reasons A. was so excited to be at the French Quarter again was to get the Shrimp po'boy sandwich, which we split soon after we arrived. I also got beignets again, and tried the new avocado burger, which was pretty good. Our parents had the fish sandwich, which they said was excellent, and my brother tried the ribs and chicken platter one night... which was a ton of food for a quick-service meal! My brother also made quick use of Mardi Grogs, the pool bar, and while I couldn't partake in the drinking, there were a few drinks my family sampled that looked pretty delicious.

In terms of snack credits, this was the clear winner for me for the week:
Cinnamon Roll and LeFou's Brew, Gaston's Tavern, Magic Kingdom

You see that, right? That's not a cinnamon roll. That's a cinnamon CAKE. It was melty and delicious. A. and I split it because it was so giant. I also wanted to try LeFou's Brew because of my current slushy obsession. It's basically an apple juice slushy. The foam on top was really sour and gross, in my opinion. It was neat to try but I don't think I'd be rushing back to New Fantasyland to get it on my next trip. 

Instead of breaking down our food day by day, I figured I'd start with our quick-service meals for the week, and save the table-service meals for another entry.

Columbia Harbor House (Magic Kingdom) - We were already heading here for lunch when the skies opened and it started to pour. Suddenly everyone around us also decided it would be a good time to break here for lunch. Luckily the staff was prepared for this kind of event and herded everyone into the lines. I wasn't crazy hungry at that point (after the cinnamon roll above) so I just had the chicken and fish platter, but A. had the lobster roll. His exact words are "that was outstanding!" He also said the cobbler was great for dessert. (I had the standard Mickey-sprinkled Chocolate cake.) Side note: This is one of the places where people were super nice to the pregnant lady. It was so crowded that we were struggling to find a place to seat, and I had a family offer to let me sit with them with my tray until the rest of my family found a table, so that I didn't have to wander around unnecessarily. That was so thoughtful!

Restarauntosaurus (Animal Kingdom) - This was the biggest surprise of our quick-service meals, I think. We were bummed because Flame Tree Barbecue was closed, so we went here... WOW! I had the Chicken BLT Salad, which was giant and delicious. A. had a standard cheeseburger. However, the kicker here for me was the desserts. We had "cheesecake in a glass," which was topped with a mandarin orange slice. I also got to sample the chocolate mousse because A's mom ordered it. Both of those desserts were outstanding. I would definitely visit there again just for the cheesecake!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe (Magic Kingdom) - We literally ran in and out of here while A's parents held our spot on Main Street for the evening parade. Looking back at the menu, I wish I had gotten the salad, but I don't think I would have had enough time to eat it. Instead I had the chicken sandwich and A. had the burger. I again saved my Mickey-sprinkle cake for later, and A. had the carrot cake which he said was tasty.

ABC Commissary (Hollywood Studios) - We wanted to try out Pizza Planet, but to A.'s disappointment, I was unwilling to re-trek the whole way to the back of the park after the Indiana Jones show to get there. Instead we took a shorter walk to the ABC Commissary. There, A. got the seafood platter and I had the chicken sandwich. A's mom had the Asian chicken salad, which she said was very good. As far as dessert went, I had the chocolate mousse (standard). A's parents both had the parfaits, which they said were good. SOMEHOW, I missed these amazing specialty cupcakes that you could pick from for dessert. My dad got a giant chocolate Lady-and-the-Tramp decorated cupcake... I wish I would have seen them before I ordered!

La Cantina de San Angel (EPCOT - Mexico) - This is a quick-service location we've visited before and we knew we wanted to stop by again. We got the nachos and churritos and were able to comfortably split the whole thing for dinner. The only bummer about this one was there was no seating left anywhere, and people were just parked out at the tables (maybe to save seats to see Illuminations? even though it wasn't even 7 when we ordered) without eating. We had to carry our tray over to nearby benches, which were in a smoking section (blah) and eat there in the dark. Despite this, will I return for the food here again? Certainly. : ) Just not in the dark evening hours before Illuminations.

I got a frozen lemonade at the Animal Kingdom and we stopped at this bench for a break... this squirrel had noooooo problems sitting down right next to us, hoping for a handout!

Stay tuned for the next part of my food recap... with lots more pictures... the table-service meals!

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  1. Mmmmmm. All the food sounds delicious! Can't wait to read about your sit down meals!