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Going to Disney World with a Baby on Board

Can someone beam me back to Florida, please?

We have returned from our week-long sojourn to Disney World, and I have to say it was a million times more difficult coming back to PA than usual knowing that we were leaving temperatures in the mid-70s and returning to snow. We were all pretty sad/cranky when we had to leave on Saturday morning. However, it was totally worth the trip. 

As promised, I'm delivering (ha! pun!) my take on being pregnant while at Disney. I was 31 weeks along during our trip. Was it easy? No. Did I still enjoy myself? You bet! We had this trip planned long before little Baby Z came into existence, so it just took some creative planning on my part to make the trip as comfortable as possible for me.

31 weeks in the gardens at the "United Kingdom" in EPCOT... feeling giant

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order of significance, regarding our trip:

1) The comfortable new shoes I bought that fit me in Pennsylvania no longer fit once I arrived in Florida. Amazingly, this possibility never occurred to me. I got a pretty pair of mint-colored Skechers Go Walks and a new pair of my standard Payless Champion slip-on sneakers that I lived in during our last trip. I also had my very broken-in Skechers slip-on sneakers and a pair of Fila memory-foam flip-flops... and those were the two pairs of shoes I wound up wearing the entire trip. Despite my best efforts, my new pairs of shoes would not fit over my giant, swollen ankles and feet. In hindsight, I should have a) made sure my shoes were stretched out, and b) realized that warmer weather would affect my poofy feet. Oops.

2) I made it through the entire trip with no scooter or wheelchair! I am not the most fit person to begin with, and I was not expecting to do well with all of the required Disney walking on said poofy feet in the middle of winter. My father-in-law, who is awesome, told me that if I needed it he would spot me for a scooter or wheelchair for the week and he would gladly push me around if the walking made me uncomfortable. As much fun as it was to imagine whizzing around on a scooter, I put the kabash on that idea because of loading and unloading it onto the buses (no thanks). If we would have stayed longer, I might have considered the use of a wheelchair, but I made it through the week without it... and my calves are still feeling the burn!

3) Breaks are the best. Every blog entry I read prior to the trip about being pregnant at Disney recommended taking a mid-day break, which was sound advice. Not only was it awesome to brag to my PA friends about being at the resort pool on a February afternoon, it was great to be off my feet and take a nap if I needed it. (My husband was definitely okay with a mid-day nap himself.)

You know the picture I posted at the beginning of the entry? Here's the uncropped version with my big poofy feet (complete with ankle brace). This was one of the flip-flop days because I needed a break from spilling out of my sneakers. Sigh. 

4) Consider an ice pack. My mom brought a wrap for her knee in her checked luggage that she could put in a fridge or freezer, and I ended up using it most of the week for my (again) gloriously poofy feet. I'd stack two pillows at the bottom of the bed and lay the ice pack across them and it really helped with my feet swelling. If she hadn't brought it, I probably would have used one of our Ziploc bags and filled it with ice from the ice machine. 

5) SNACKS. Not only did I take advantage of some of Disney's delicious snacks, but I brought a bag of granola bars and fruit snacks to eat when I needed a pick-me-up. Additionally, Disney totally catered to my craving needs. Since early January I have been craving slushies and popsicles. Wouldn't you know that there are oodles of frozen (non-alcoholic of course) drinks I could pick from? I swear... I could have lived off of frozen lemonades for the whole week. Including the times it was cooler.

6) My pregnancy belt was a total lifesaver. I ordered this belt from Amazon around Christmastime because I was having crazy discomfort and pain in my hip-groin area. After online research, I discovered that kind of pain is common from all of the weight of my giant preggo belly bearing down on my hips. (Also, my doctor confirmed this at my very next appointment and told me to get a belt... which I had the satisfaction of saying I had already ordered.) I hand-washed it after all our travel on Sunday, left it to dry overnight on the towel bar, and forgot to wear it on Monday. Needless to say, Monday was rather uncomfortable until we took our mid-day break and I could get that thing on. You can't notice it under my clothes and it's totally worth wearing giving all of the stress it takes off my hips and back. Small miracles!

"It's You Babe" Mini Cradle, $21.25 on Amazon Prime

7) Staying hydrated. I am not very good at the whole "make sure you drink a gallon of water a day" aspect of pregnancy. I blame my occupation - when you are a teacher, you can't just guzzle water all day, because you can't just leave your classroom to go to the bathroom when the urge strikes. But, after the terrible migraine debacle that ensued after getting dehydrated in Disneyland, CA last summer, I definitely wasn't taking any chances. My awesome brother got me some refillable filtered water bottles for Christmas, and we carried them every day. I got bottled water with all of my quick-service meals and really tried to pound it down during our table-service meals, as well. 

Here is a link to the water bottles on Amazon --- 

And for good measure, here's the link to the bag we had to carry everything while we were in Disney. It's nice and sturdy and the water bottle pockets are perfect for these bottles... great easy access!

8) People were generally very accommodating. Apart from my family pushing me on the bus ahead of the rest of them to help assure that I would get a seat, I did have people offer seats to me (and my poofy feet) when none were available. The one time no one offered me a seat on a very crowded bus, my mom just kept one of her hands on a rail and the other one wrapped around me as added protection. : ) 

9) I still enjoyed the parks despite not being able to go on thrill rides. I've been on most of the roller coasters, with the exception of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - which should have shorter wait times by the next time we go, anyway, since it won't be as new. I know some of my family felt guilty when they'd troop off to the FastPass line for a roller coaster and I'd bid them adieu and head off to Enchanted Tales with Belle or a Meet and Greet with Cinderella and Rapunzel. I told them not to worry about it because I was sure I could occupy myself... and I did, and I had fun. : ) 

One thing I did hem and haw about before we left was whether I would attempt Kilimanjaro Safari. I couldn't understand why it was on the "restricted" list, as I've been on it before and did not find it speedy or jarring. Honestly, living in the country, I have driven on worse potholed roads and ridden on bumpier hayrides in the past 7 months than I figured I would experience on the safari ride. However, in the end I decided it just wasn't worth risking it. If anything went wrong with the pregnancy later on, I would always wonder if it was because I just had to go on the safari ride. It'll still be there the next time we go, I'm sure, and little guy can enjoy it with us!

I met Cinderella instead of riding Big Thunder Mountain. She was super pumped about my "future Prince Charming!"

I enjoyed some sweet treats from Gaston's Tavern while my family rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train... I will surely be dedicating an entry to food soon. : )

10) Shopping! It was really fun to shop for Baby Z even though I didn't buy everything I thought was cute. (I'd be broke if I did.) Our nursery is Finding Nemo themed, and I found a really cute print of Nemo and Marlin in the Art of Animation store that we are going to frame and hang up in the nursery. I also got a bedtime story book. We got little ears embroidered for our little guy (yes, we picked a name finally! No, I'm not revealing it here lol) and I got a Christmas ornament for his first Christmas. 

This onesie was super cute, and my Star Wars-obsessed brother and BFF C. totally approved. There was also an adult T-shirt with the same slogan and I considered getting matching outfits, LOL. However, I ended up passing on them both and instead got a big fluffy hooded sweatshirt for me, because some of those evenings were CHILLY. 

All in all, it was a really wonderful trip and I don't regret it for a second. It was certainly the easiest trip we are going to take with a baby! haha

More posts will come soon about food and the overall trip... just not with all the pregnant annotations included. : ) I figured I kind of get sick of talking about it all the time, so people would be sick of hearing/reading about it all the time too. No worries!

In the meantime, take it easy and keep on keeping on : )

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to have a good time! I LOVE your picture with Cinerella!! How adorable! :)