Friday, November 14, 2014

Check in, check up

So far, this week has been a pretty good week. Lots happening, lots of money being spent, but mostly good things.

Last weekend, I went home to see my parents. It was a really nice weekend - I went shopping with my mom, and really enjoyed that time spent with her. I went to church with my family, and I also stopped to see my grandparents. My grandfather has not been doing well the past few months - his health and attitude are constantly in a state of flux. Spending time with them has always been nice but now it is even more precious to me.

I also got a new phone on Sunday... upgraded for the first time since 2011!

Monday - finally got to my dermatologist. I have to schedule my appointments a year out, but I really like my doctor, so I keep going there. She prescribed me medicine I can safely use on my skin while pregnant, which is a HUGE DEAL! and has made me so happy this week. I have been on some kind of acne medication constantly since I was about 12, and since I've been pregnant I obviously haven't been using anything... and my skin completely turned on me. It's already clearing back up... I feel so much better!

Tuesday - no school. : ) AND....... I bought a new car! A 2015 Honda CR-V. It is so nice and new and pretty - I've never owned a new car - and it will be great once the little one comes along!

Wednesday - was the longest day of the week. Cold parade practice after a long day of teaching made for a very sore and tired me. BUT, A. ordered pizza, which was waiting when I came home and we enjoyed dinner with his parents.

Thursday - Had a good day of teaching and a nice relaxing evening at home.

aaand this morning, we went to the doctor's office first thing (7 am) and I had an ultrasound... we were finding out the sex of Baby Z. : ) Not revealing it here yet but it definitely made for an exciting start to the day!

A. has work to do around here this weekend, but I am going with my parents to visit my brother.

Also I've been listening to Christmas music all week and watching movies on Hallmark when I can. : )

Hope you are all having a good week as well!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! :) Can't wait to hear if Baby Z is a boy or girl!