Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baby baby, how was I supposed to know?

So the big, most major reason I haven't been on here much lately - other than school - is because A. and I got some big news at the end of July.

Surprise! We're gonna have a baby!

I've always wanted to be a mommy, but I will admit that I panicked a little bit after taking the first pregnancy test. I even waited a few days to tell A- I didn't tell ANYONE- because I needed to get used to the idea myself. I realize that's kind of selfish, but this is a huge change- everything will change!- and I wanted my own feelings in check. We honestly thought it would take longer for us to get pregnant, but we were lucky and it happened immediately.

So for the past eleven weeks, I have been sick to my stomach almost every day (with the exception of Thursday of this week, and it was magical!) and I am constantly exhausted. Not just tired - but like I could literally at any time lay down and immediately fall asleep. This is not helped by the fact that suddenly I am an insomniac... this baby is already waking me up every day at 3:30 AM, so I can't imagine what it will be like when this child is actually out and about and crying and needing fed and all that good stuff.

This week was exceptionally crazy - I was at school from dawn til dusk four days out of five, and there was a ton to deal with at school. Last night I finally got in from the football game at about 11 pm, and my parents came to visit, so we sat up and talked until around midnight... this morning Penny had me up at 7 and I am sitting here now feeling surprised that I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Here are the token pregnancy questions I have been getting used to:

  • When are you due? April.
  • How are you feeling? Sick, and tired, all the time. (But I know it's not going to last forever!)
  • Craving anything? Nothing unusual. I have always been a chocoholic, so wanting chocolate is not unusual really. This might sound weird, but I actually want to drink milk all the time
  • Averting anything? Our kitchen drain (GOD it smells awful, A. can hold it up to his nose and not smell a thing but I can smell it from five feet away), and the smell of bacon. It's really unfortunate, but I just can't. A. is bummed because it's prime BLT season here, his parents grow tomatoes, but when you cook bacon, the smell sticks around. 
  • Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl? Yep! But that's not until October. I like being prepared for everything!
  • Any names picked out? My brother has dubbed this child Cornelius, whether it's a boy or girl. ; ) Seriously though, we're going to keep that information under wraps until closer to time. That's our decision... I can promise it's not going to be anything trendy or oddly spelled. 

I am finding out that there are six million doctor appointments and there is so much to learn. Everyone has a million opinions on everything. I wasn't expecting an ultrasound at my first OB appointment, or I would have dragged A along - but hearing that fast little heartbeat was pretty amazing, and it was equally amazing to see the little peanut on the screen next to me.

It was really fun telling our families over Labor Day weekend. My parents will be grandparents for the first time, and they are so excited, and it was wonderful showing them the ultrasound. My in-laws are also super-excited for grandchild #3- not a surprise, since when we announced our engagement in 2012, my FIL's reaction was "Oh good, another grandbaby!" My favorite was A's sister, who screamed and cried and is hugely excited. Some of my friends had their suspicions, especially those who went to Pittsburgh with me... but they are also excited to be "aunts." : )

One thing I have been very grateful for in the blog world is a wealth of knowledge and experience that can't be found in books - and that's traveling to Disney World when pregnant, because we were already planning a trip for February and had put money into it. I'm sure I'll put in my two cents when the time comes, but I love that these ladies out there have taken the time to record their advice for others in the same boat! I'm so excited for this Florida trip and I know it will be a different experience but I am excited for that part of it too!

Anyway, that's the latest and greatest and I am sure I will be back when I have time... in the meantime I will be counting down the last few days here until this nausea and exhaustion is supposed to end : )

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  1. I THINK I told you on Facebook, but just in case I didn't....CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sorry that I've been super behind in blog land! This is definitely exciting news! :)