Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Hi guys!

I promise, I swear, I have not forgotten about this blog. I know that I haven't posted in over a month, and it's not really from lack of ideas... just from lack of time! After I last wrote in July, I played for two weddings in a row, then had band camp, then went on a trip to Pittsburgh, then had a week of inservices, and started school. It's been a little bit crazy. There's been a lot going on with A., and with family, and work.

So I'll try to get here periodically in the next few months, but I can't make any grand promises!

While I'm here, I figured I'd post a little about our trip to Pittsburgh.

If you ever visit Pittsburgh, it's pretty much an unwritten rule that you have to go up the incline to Mt. Washington. It gives the most stunning views of the city, and we were there on a beautiful day.

We also went on a Gateway Clipper cruise, which was beautiful at night. Our "tour guide" on the boat was interesting and told many delightful puns. It was the same evening as a home pre-season Steelers game, so there were shuttles running to the stadium that caused our cruise to be delayed, and you would NOT BELIEVE how crazy people were getting. It was entertaining to watch! (And I was very glad I wasn't an employee of the Clipper fleet at that point in time.)

Finally, I'll leave you with a picture of me and Mr. Rogers' somewhat-creepy statue:

Won't you be my neighbor? : )