Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Book Check

Heyyyyyyyyy guys. I know my blog has been pretty quiet. I've been busy with other stuff, and none of it is really blog-worthy, I guess!

I have been trying to fire through some new books this summer, instead of just re-reading the old ones... this is probably the first summer I haven't done a Harry Potter re-read. I'm expanding my horizons!

First of all, I finally read "The Night Circus."

This book is fantastic. It's definitely one of my favorite books, so I'm glad I bought it! I remember back when I was unemployed and listening to MuggleCast while I'd be baking, cooking, and cleaning, they kept recommending this book. I've wanted to read it, but I waited until I got a gift card to purchase it because the price hasn't gone down.

The story follows Celia and Marco, both trained magicians, who are bound together in a magical contract. The imagery is exquisite and the story is breathtaking. It's definitely worth reading! (and buying!)

So, I really like Emily Giffin's books. My favorite of hers is "Where We Belong." So I was very much looking forward to "The One and Only." I bought it at Target because I was sure it would be staying on my bookshelf. But after reading it, I felt not possessiveness of this book, had no problem lending it to a friend and will have no problem selling it to the bookshop or in a yard sale. The whole time I read this book, I was really hoping the story was going to go in another direction, but nope, it kept going into this terribly awkward storyline that I hated. In interviews, Emily said the point of the book is to explore taboo relationships, and she certainly did.

My grandma lent me "Redfield Farm" which she read in book club because it was written by a local author. It's about a Quaker family that participates in the Underground Railroad. The premise is interesting, and the story definitely got better as it progressed, but it's not one that I would probably read again.

John Green, the author of "The Fault in Our Stars," has many other books, including An Abundance of Katherines. It follows Colin, a child prodigy who has a thing for Katherines. Like, 19 of them. After #19 breaks up with him, he goes on a road trip with his friend Hassan to try to get over the break-up. It's a cute story and well written. I enjoyed it. : )

This book is a MONSTER, but it is a very well-crafted story... I mean, it is Stephen King. His horror novels have given me nightmares in the past (The Shining? Holy crap. What a terrifying book) so I was a little worried that this would do the same. However, after I got through the first chunk of the book, all I wanted to do was sit on the deck in my lounge chair and finish it! It follows the story of Jake (who changes his name to George), who has a chance to go back in the past to 1958. He can not only change the life of one of his friends, whose family was brutally murdered, but he can also prevent the assassination of JFK. However, the past keeps getting in the way of him accomplishing what he went there for. He also falls in loooooooooove with a girl named Sadie. So not only is there a fascinating thriller at the base of the book, there is also a love story, and it is all interwoven with very interesting 50s nostalgia and a realistic look at life as a teacher. This is definitely worth the read, if you have the time and endurance!

My friend C lent me a giant pile of books, including this one. It is an incredibly random amalgamation of chapters of Jane's life, and her encounters with love. There is one completely random chapter in which Jane is mentioned once, and I still have no idea how it fit in with the rest of the book. The only thing I liked about this book were the first and last chapters. So technically the book fished me in, and then made me flop around on the dock for the rest of the book wondering what happened to the story from the first chapter, and then finally the last chapter was interesting again. I dunno. I wouldn't bother.

I finally read The Giver yesterday! What a great book. It was a quick read, but I loved the story. I wanted to know more about the world Jonas lives in. I see that this is part of a series of four books. Has anyone read the other three? Are they worth it? Let me know! : )

What books have you read lately that were awesome?

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  1. Ooh, I'm not a Stephen King fan, but that book sounds great! I'll have to find it!

    I LOVE "The Giver". I allowed my 6th graders to pick the novels they wanted to study last year, and I was so bummed that I didn't get to teach on this one. I have read the next two books in the series, but I haven't found/read the final one yet (it was just released in 2012, which is kind of weird). Anyway, the second book pretty much has NOTHING to do with the first. If I hadn't purchased the set from Scholastic, I'd have never known, but the 3rd ties the two together a bit. "The Giver" is definitely the best of the 3, though.