Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thank you, thank you very much!


This year was crazy, busy, bad and good; I feel like it flew. I also feel like every time someone asked me how married life was, I answered "I don't know, I never see my husband." So this summer my goal is to spend more time with him than I do on work. We are going to enjoy our anniversary, gosh dangit!

However, starting with this weekend, we're back in the throes of wedding season. It's that time of my life, ladies and gents... I was one of the culprits last summer. And with wedding season (end-of-school season, graduation season, birthday season, etc etc) it is also time for THANK YOU CARDS!

I am a huge advocate of sending cards; sometimes I feel like I could single-handedly keep the US Postal Service, Hallmark, and American Greetings in business. I keep a stash of cards on hands at all times so that they are ready for any occasion. I am a big fan of these bad boys from Target:

Target has so many packs of pretty cards in different colors. SO MANY. But I like the colorful ones with designs on the cover.

Let me start this rambling entry by saying that if you are sending a card or thank-you note, you are already one step ahead of many people. You're on the right track and doing a good thing. I just want to help you make it better.

Look at all those Benjamins! Someone is a lucky, lucky graduate.

Let's say you just graduated high school and Aunt Mildred sent you a check for $50. That was awesome, Aunt Mildred! Now it's a good idea to send her your thank you card within a month of your graduation. (If you write thank you cards as you receive things, it is more manageable to get them done, instead of saving all of them to do at once.)

Dear Aunt Mildred,
Thank you so much for your generous gift! I am sure it will come in handy as I get ready to leave for college in August. I am sorry you couldn't make it to graduation, but I hope you can make it to my party on the 28th. Thanks again!
Love, K. 

I thanked Aunt Mildred not once, but twice; I explained what I will do with her gift; and I threw in a little personal note. That should easily fill up an entire little notecard!

This couple doesn't just have bills, they have STACKS of Benjamins. Phew!

Since A. and I got married last summer, I had a ton of experience writing thank you notes: from two bridal showers, from the wedding gifts, and for our wedding vendors. People were so generous and we were so full of gratitude! Here's an example of a shower thank you and a wedding thank you. You will notice that they don't differ too much from the graduation example above.

Aunt Martha,
I am so glad you could attend my bridal shower! Thank you for the waffle maker... A. and I can't wait to make lots of delicious waffles! We are so excited for our upcoming wedding and we are glad you will be joining us for our special day. Thanks again and see you soon!
Love, K.

Mr. and Mrs. Crazypants,
Thank you so much for making the trip to Awesometown for our wedding! We hope you had a wonderful time. We appreciate the beautiful picture frame and gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond. Thanks for your generosity- we will be thinking of you as we decorate our new home together! 
A & K Newlastname

Is this the only way to write a thank you note? Absolutely not. They will take more time, but I promise people will appreciate it more than if you just write:

Dear Sue,
Thank you for the baking sheets and for coming to our wedding.
Sincerely, Boring McBoredson

At the end of the school year, I sometimes get gifts from my kids. And I try to set a good example, so I make sure as soon as I receive something that I write a thank you card.

Dear Isabella,
Thank you so much for the beautiful hibiscus flower and your thoughtful card! I have loved being your teacher and watching you grow as a musician this year. See you in the fall- have a great summer!
Mrs. Orchestrateacher

Short, sweet, and to the point- but still personal.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you can, inject a little personality into your thank you notes. DUDE, someone cared enough about you to give you something or do something for you. Sometimes all it takes to make Aunt Mildred's day a little brighter is to tell her how much you really appreciated her gift and mention something personal to make her feel that much more loved. Plus, you'll be on the fast track to being the favorite niece or nephew. (Although, let's be real - she already sent you $50 so you've got to be near the top of that list!)


I'll be back soon, promise! I've got some Tony awards to talk about. Take it easy, everyone!

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  1. Happy Summer Vacation! :)

    I love getting mail, and I like sending mail! I've been bad about thanks yous recently. I really want/need to start giving them to my students when they give me gifts at Christmas. These are great examples, and you're right that people appreciate a personal touch in acknowledgement of something they've done!