Monday, June 30, 2014

Disneyland: The Original Magic Kingdom... recap!

A. and I have been back from California for over a little over a week now, and I'm still tired! (To be fair, I could still be tired from the school year, too- I have been on the go ever since school let out.) A.'s been tired and sick (and working), and Penny is also wiped out from her busy week at my parents' while we were gone.

Sleepy puppy...

Anyway, we had a nice visit out to the west coast and the weather was gorgeous the whole time. It was crazy looking at a 10-day forecast and seeing a 0% chance of precipitation every single day. It was also nice to have no humidity! I could dry my hair and walk outside into 80* weather without my hair immediately starting to curl. 

Of course we had to go to Disneyland while we were in California, because we are huge fans. I'm going to try not to compare everything to Disney World (DW) every five minutes, but it was easy for me to see why Walt got frustrated with California and wanted to expand into "The Florida Project." When we were driving to our hotel, which was right across from the park without being a Disney resort, we were driving... driving... driving through blocks of houses, restaurants, and hotels, and then BOOM, there was Disneyland!

We got to Disneyland bright and early because- due to a three-hour time difference- we were both up and ready to go at 6 AM. So we walked into the park right after it opened at 8 AM. Again, the entrance to Disney in CA is crazy after being to DW so many times, because everything is so close together. I took this panoramic shot standing in the middle of the plaza after we walked through bag check:

California Adventure on the left, Downtown Disney in the middle, Disneyland on the right.

Since we got there so early (which I can promise did not happen any time during our honeymoon last summer) we walked right on to Big Thunder Mt. Railroad, which was a blast. Then we worked our way over to Fantasyland and went on the Flying Dumbos! After that we went on King Arthur's Carousel, and I didn't even have to fight for it - I got to ride Jingles, the most famous of the carousel horses. 

I know I'm a huge nerd and I don't care. : )

We also got to go on the Storybook Canal boats and It's a Small World, before we made our way over to Adventureland. We were both starving by this point because it was past lunchtime in Eastern Time, but the restaurants in the park don't start serving lunch foods until 10:30 Pacific Time. I finally tried a Dole Whip, and managed to get there at a point in the day when the line wasn't a mile long - later in the day when we passed, the line was almost as long as it would be for a ride!

From there we hit Pirates of the Caribbean (which we both liked much more than the DW version- it's more of an actual ride) and the Haunted Mansion. We shared a churro and then shared a lobster roll at the Harbour Galley, which was okay. It was one of the foods listed on a list I had read of the best foods to try at Disneyland... I don't know if it necessarily belongs there, but at least it satisfied our hunger (for the steep price of $13.99!)

We also went to Splash Mountain - which was different from DW in that we got TOTALLY SOAKED. The flumes are single-file instead of sitting two people across, which means you get twice as wet. We had a fun group on our flume, but we were also apparently a heavier group, because we were all drenched when we got off that ride. We also hit the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland and continued on to Tomorrowland, where I got this awesome shot in Innoventions (an EPCOT attraction at DW):

A. really likes the Avengers and superhero movies, so he really liked the Iron Man and Thor displays.

Because we were tired and trying to make it to our dinner reservation, we took a spin on the Disneyland Railroad, which was a nice break. We got ice cream on Main Street USA, found a table with an umbrella, and waited for the 4:00 parade to start. I will say this about Disneyland- there is so much more shade, which is wonderful. While we waited we listened to Rag Time Piano Eric play the piano- he was very good, but I kept thinking how disheartening it must be to sit there and play and have no one pay any attention to you. A. said "at least he gets to do what he loves." Which is true, but the next time you see a performer like that a park, try to give them some applause. : )

I had made a last minute reservation at Cafe Orleans for dinner, which was fan.tas.tic! A.'s dinner was the Monte Cristo sandwich, which seems to crop up often in Disneyland food lists - and for good reason. 

This sandwich is basically a beignet (powdered sugar donut) with melted swiss cheese, ham, and turkey in the middle. Not a combination that would have probably occurred to me, ever, but it was SO GOOD.

I had a seafood crepe with asparagus:

It was so amazing. If I take a picture of food, it was good- it means I want to remember it!

After a quick stop in the shops on Main Street USA, we left for the day- we were exhausted and dehydrated (water was $3 a bottle, and we forgot to bring our own bottles into the park - you can do that). But it was a very nice trip! Fun to experience, but I don't know if we'll make it there again - the travel to California was exhausting.

Main Street USA & Sleeping Beauty Castle, CA

Main Street USA and Cinderella Castle, FL

Different, yes, but both fun!

Hope you're enjoying your summer...

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  1. It's so awesome that you got to go to Disney Land! I'm glad you got to have that experience, as well! :)