Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I've been bitten! the Disney bug.

I am ready for the school year to end. Seriously guys, I've been proctoring standardized tests the last few days, and today I e-mailed one of the teachers about returning the calculators the students in my room used for the test.

My e-mail: "Your previous email said I was supposed to have 27 calculators, however I only have 23: 12 black ones, 12 yellow ones and 1 blue one."
Other teacher: "Um... that adds up to 24. It's okay, I put your name next to the wrong number."
And then I realized that the number I sent actually added up to 25, so I didn't feel too bad. : )

So basically, what I learned from this is that we all really need a break!

Anyway, this summer we are going to my friend J's wedding in California! So we are getting excited for that trip. I've been to CA once before, to visit J for spring break when I was in college. While we are in CA, we plan on visiting the Pacific Ocean and, of course, DISNEYLAND.

I really, really want to be there now.

And I'm not going to lie, we are totally going to visit an In & Out and a Carl's Jr. while we are there.

Things I am excited to do in Disneyland:

1) EAT.

I have been doing well with Weight Watchers - if I don't lose anything, I at least haven't gained - but I am going to indulge while we are on vacation. After finding this website describing some token Disneyland snacks, I'm pretty pumped. CHURROS! Beignets! Popcorn! Yay!

2) The rides that are different than Disney World

Sure, there's a couple of duplicates that I want to see - the original Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and Small World, and we didn't get a chance to do Big Thunder Mountain on our honeymoon so I'm hoping we can get there on this visit - but there are lots of themed rides in the Land that don't exist in the World. I'm excited to check them out!

3) Disney's Aladdin- a Musical Spectacular

We all know that I am a sucker for musicals, and Aladdin is probably my favorite Disney movie - I can recite it word for word. My brother and I would watch and rewind, watch and rewind.

4) World of Color.

I've heard this is awesome. I want to see it in the worst way. We have a dining/preferred viewing package, which should make for a pretty nice evening. : )

In the words of Sheldon Cooper, "We stayed for the California Adventure water show. It was pure Disney magic."

5) Spend time with my husband : ) We are calling this our "second honeymoon." We haven't gotten to spend much time together during our first year of marriage, it seems, because my job has really kept me busy, and we are so occupied with Penny and fixing up our house. So I'm looking forward to this dedicated time away to hang out with A.!

To my fellow teachers out there - hang in there, we'll make it! : )

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  1. How fun that you get to visit Disney Land! I've never been there, and it's been SOOOOO long since I've gone to Disney World! We have 8 school days left! How about you??