Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's time to change...

....the house, that is!

You guys, spring has sprung, finally, in our area. The flowers aren't yet blooming, but it seems (and smells as if) the farmers are out in full force, and fields are starting to turn green. And since the weather has been nicer and it has been light out longer, we have been working hard!

We've been in our house a little over a year, but there is still so much we want to do. The problem, as with most things, is budget. We are trying to prioritize our needs, but in the meantime we come up with lots of ideas and add them to our growing list on the refrigerator. Our first priorities this spring are a couple of the cheaper ones - continuing to paint the walls inside the house and staining the deck. I want to paint in the next few weeks before we really have to worry about A's allergies and we can just keep the windows open. We also want to stain the deck before getting out the patio furniture so that we don't have to move it twice.

I'm trying to figure out what color to paint my bathroom - these are all shades of gray and silver. Looking at the picture I am kind of leaning towards the middle color on the top swatch... hmmm...

PS: I got that shower head  a few weeks ago and it is magical. I love it!

A. has been working on digging a path around the side of the house. One of the reasons we bought this house was the side door on the first level that leads to my music room, so that my kids that come for lessons can enter and exit without trouping through our whole house. We haven't been able to use that door yet though because there was no way to get to it without tracking through the muddy yard. As soon as he is done digging, we plan on getting some concrete and filling it in. We also want to make a concrete patio under our deck, so that's another reason to get the staining done first - so we don't have to worry about dripping it on the patio.

He also had to level out what will be a flowerbed there on the left - we didn't realize how much of a dip there was until he started digging the path!

Something that is a big budget-suck, but that we desperately need, is some kind of fence. We either need an invisible fence or a vinyl fence - something to keep Penny in the yard. Part of the breed characteristic for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is that they like to chase things - ALL the things - including vehicles. :-\ So we really want to be able to let her out in the yard without a leash, but haven't yet had the means to do so. I contacted a fencing company about getting quotes so we can decide what we can afford to do, but that's really the next thing to happen. We got a fire pit for Christmas so I'd like to find a place for that in the backyard so we can enjoy some toasted marshmallows soon, too!

Speaking of Pen, she decided to pop in this picture I took of our main living area... it's a work in progress and kind of a mess right now but I'm happy with my wall decorations : )

Other little things on the docket for this year include getting some new lighting, including a ceiling fan for our bedroom. Why does everyone on these home reno and realty shows hate on ceiling fans? I don't have an issue with them and find them pretty nice, actually. I don't have a problem with carpet either, though, so I guess I'm just a weirdo. Oh well.

We like this ceiling fan we found at Lowe's!

In the future, we want to get a shed, extend the driveway, build a workbench in the garage, change the stairs on the deck, get a new front porch, add shelving to the garage and our closets up here, and do some cosmetic things here and there. The next thing on my list after we get the fence is a new front door. I hate our front door so much. It needs to be gone!

I used to have two of the bigger collage frames... I got these super cheap at Kohl's on Black Friday... but yesterday when I went to hang them up I accidentally kicked the other large frame down my stairs, where it promptly broke into three pieces. Ugh. 

A's mom got this for me for Christmas : )

In the meantime I am going to keep decorating the walls and looking for paint colors... the cheapest and most independent way for me to fix up our house! : )

Any suggestions? Advice?
Hope you're taking advantage of spring time where you are!

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  1. There are at least a million things that we want to do with our house (and we'll be in it for 8 years in September!!), but we're kind of at a stand-still. The biggest thing I need to do is clean and organize. We have no storage space, and I need to get creative to create room for our things (and get rid of junk we're not using to make space). I love all of your plans, and I don't get why those people on the flipping house shows hate ceiling fans either!!