Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 Random Things

For Tuesday, here are Ten Random Things:

1) I hate ironing. So much. I will only iron if it's completely necessary. This is on my mind because there is a strong possibility I will need to iron soon.

I have two steamers, but sometimes there are only wrinkles an iron can remove.
Or I will just give up and throw the item in the dryer with a wet washcloth.

2) I have been reading the book "I am Malala," which is both enlightening and troubling. She talks in the book about how the children in her village couldn't watch TV, listen to music, watch movies, dance, or even play board games - and they fought to be able to go to school. And then I go to school and hear kids saying how they don't care and they'd rather be playing their video games or texting each other.

3) Have you discovered these Goldfish graham snacks? Because we have, and they are awesome.

We have gotten the French Toast and S'mores varieties, and they are both delicious.

4) I am so excited to see my family for Easter this weekend!

5) I haven't had a Diet Coke since I quit cold turkey in February, and I have had maybe two or three headaches since then (as opposed to one or two a day). Today I was almost tempted to have one after lunch, but - NO! I will not cave!

6) I miss the nice spring weather... today I saw SNOW again! AHHHHH! Go away, snow!

7) Yesterday when I was sitting in my office at school, one of these creatures scuttled across my office:

I am not ashamed to say that I immediately freaked out and three freshmen girls came to investigate and save me from the creature. They even researched it during study hall and came back later to tell me what it was. Unfortunately, it scooted behind my two-ton desk before they could stomp on it with their boots. SO IT IS PROBABLY STILL IN MY OFFICE WAITING TO ATTACK.

8) I think I might start Weight Watchers online again next week. I really hope it works better this time... it worked best for me when I could go to meetings, but there are no meetings close enough to me to work into my schedule.

9) I also kind of wish there was a gym nearby... I miss Zumba.

10) My kids have expressed that they would enjoy playing more pop-variety music, but the problem is that arrangements written for band and orchestra often sound super, super cheesy; or on the flip side, are really too difficult. I found a couple online tonight, but the other problem is it takes a while to go through a catalog and sift through all the cheese to find items that might really work. 

And on that note -- 

Goodnight! : )



  1. This is great list of randomness. I might have to get a hold of this book. I think it would be eye opening to students who have an attitude about school (ie most of the 6th grade class). They have NO idea what they take for granted. I only iron when necessary....and sometimes not even then. I don't get people who iron regularly as part of their laundry doing.

    1. I did so much ironing growing up... Maybe now I don't care as much? Or I just pay more attention when I'm shopping...

      It was a great book, and I think it would be an important one for American kids to read- talk about putting things in perspective!