Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some random thoughts for a Sunday morning

Well, I went to start typing this and was interrupted by the sound of Penny retching... so that was a fun way to start the day!


- First random thought of the morning - Bath & Body Works Black Cherry Merlot soap. Oh my gosh. Smells so good.

- I have started to realize that although I love my Target Cartwheel app, it might be encouraging me to spend more at Target than usual, instead of the other way around. (Badges! Savings! Target! Yay!)

- I bought two pairs of new shoes this weekend... first time I have bought new shoes in a long, long time. Could finally get rid of some smelly flats. : )

One of the pairs, which I bought at Target... of course

- Bestie C came to visit this weekend and even though she doesn't feel well, I am so glad she came. This week felt 20 years long and I needed some girl time!

- February and March are about to take off. It is band festival season, winter concert season, and musical season. I look sadly at my weekends for the next two months realizing they are all consumed by school.

- Taxes done! We were told we would have to owe over a thousand dollars, and spent the ride home talking about how we are going to budget our lives since we owe on taxes. Then we got a call shortly after arriving home from our tax lady informing us that she forgot to click the "jointly filing" button, or something, and we are actually getting a refund instead. SO MUCH RELIEF.

I was looking for a clever tax cartoon and found this instead. It made me giggle. : )

- Also, so much tax stuff is so over my head. In high school we should have had a class on taxes and how they work. Instead of, I don't know, my electives on Shakespeare and computer coding (I have forgotten everything I learned in that class)

- C and I watched 10 Things I Hate About You last night. Love Heath Ledger singing. Love Joseph Gordon Levitt. And all the other people - who apparently still have careers but in movies and TV I have never heard of.

Fun fact from IMDB: The original song Heath was scripted to sing was "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family. Also, a real marching band (Lincoln High School) offered marching band services and the recording of "Can't Take my Eyes off of you" for the movie.

- Super Bowl later today.... meh

- Puppy Bowl later today - HECK YEAH!

And with that, have a great week everyone : )


  1. I got so much Bath & Body Works stuff for Christmas, I'm good for awhile. lol BUT I'll keep that scent in mine when the time comes that I actually need to use the $25 gift card from one of my students.

    Those shoes are cute! :)

    So glad you ended up getting a refund instead of owing money!!

    1. Thank you! I am also glad. : ) And I think I need to make a trip back to B&BW before they discontinue this scent, if they haven't already, because they always do that with scents I like!