Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jolly Vox Box

Recently, I became the happy owner of a Jolly Vox Box from Influenster.

Influenster sent me a fun box of holiday treats! In return for testing the products and reviewing them, I receive them one hundred percent FREE. Love it.

The first two products were Puffs To Go tissues and a "Mini Ducklings" roll of duct tape, which is bright pink and zebra striped:

I like the tissues - I always have a pack like these in my purse, though admittedly they are usually Kleenex tissues. When I am shopping, especially in the winter, going in and out of stores in the cold always gives me a runny nose. Gross. I like these tissues because of the lotion - my skin is already dry and sensitive and they aren't scratchy or "weak." My only thing with these packs of tissues - and Kleenex has this problem too - is that the adhesive always attracts the lint and crumbs in my purse, and then doesn't stick, and then the tissues all fall out. Wahhhh. 

The duct tape is cute, but I haven't really used it, because I don't have a reason to. If it was purple, maybe. Some other pattern. But I am not a pink zebra striped kind of gal. : ) It might go in the prize box for school.

I was also excited to see make-up in my bag! YAY! Especially this eyeshadow trio from NYC:

I love NYC eyeshadows and I swear by their black liquid eyeliner. This trio is actually very similar to the eyeshadow that I normally wear - and it was nice to have a new pack of it for holiday travel that wasn't all used and crumbly. It is now becoming used and crumbly as you will see in the picture above because I love it so much. : ) 

The packaging recommends that the top color is for highlighting, the middle is for the lid, and the bottom is for the crease. I like that look, but what I usually do is flip the bottom two - I put the darker brown in my eyelid crease to give it some more definition. Here is a picture of me modeling the eyeshadow : )

My only complaint about this product is the size of the applicator. SERIOUSLY. It's the size of my pinky nail... I can barely hold it to apply the eyeshadow. More often than not I use one of my own applicators that's easier to hold. Maybe it's just my big fat fingers... sheesh :-P

The other beauty product in the Vox Box was Rimmel Lip Shine in the color "Stargazer." This product, for me, was a total dud.

In the top frame, I'm not wearing the lip product. In the bottom I am. My lips are slightly shinier... but that's it. When I saw the product in the box I thought it was more eyeshadow, or something... but not lip gloss. If I had this product in a different shade, like a pink, red, or coral, I might be happier about it. I generally don't wear much lip product anyway (years of playing the clarinet killed that) but seriously - my Burt's Bees chapstick gives my lips more pop than this product does. Fin.

And finally.....

Skinny Cow Divine-filled Chocolates. O.M.G.

I got a whole BOX of these. Not a coupon, not an individual package. A BOX. Eeeeee!!!

This particular variety is the peanut butter creme filled milk chocolate. I. Love. Them. They are so delicious. I am a total chocoholic, and knowing that eating a package of these isn't murdering my daily diet is a nice bonus. You should definitely try them. 

In conclusion:
Puffs To Go Tissues: A
Mini Ducklings duct tape: B
NYC Eyeshadow Trio: A
Rimmel Lip Shine: D
Skinny Cow Divine-filled Chocolates: A+++

So, that's my Vox Box! It was fun to get this package of products to try, and I'm excited for my next one. : ) Thanks, Influenster!

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  1. Words cannot express my love for VoxBoxes! lol We always buy Puffs with lotion. I didn't know that they even came in the travel packages. I need to get my hands on some!

    I want to get some of that fancy duct tape to cover the fronts of boxes that I store on top of my cabinets at school. I think that will look nicer. (I'm not a zebra print girl either.)

    Those Skinny Cow chocolates sound AMAZING! :)