Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snowflake Swap : )

This year I was inspired by Becky to participate in The Snowflake Swap!

I was paired up with Erinn from It's the Journey. Here is the information I got from Erinn:

orange/coral/turquoise/purple/yellow and other bright colors 
all kinds of tea
good books (both in real and kindle form)
itunes gift cards for dance class music

I found Erinn a mug with a multitude of bright colors. I also found a cute little sleigh of flavored tea and stuck an iTunes gift card in the sleigh. : ) To top it off I included a couple of peanut butter meltaways from a local candy store... they are SO addictive and I am glad she also enjoyed them!

I was away at my parents' from Christmas day until this morning, but when I got home this afternoon there were TWO packages waiting for me! YAY! I'm so spoiled.

In the first package, I had a card from Erinn, a delicious smelling grapefruit-lemongrass candle, two cute pairs of socks, and purple Essie nail polish.

The candle - it smells sooooooooo good! It's a really unique scent. I love the socks! They are cute and "winter-y" without being strictly Christmas. And I pretty much immediately tried the nail polish. I took advantage of a sleepy puppy and a football-distracted husband and painted my nails for the first time in weeks:

I looooooooooooove purple. And Essie nail polish is such good quality.

Then, I opened the other package, which is from Alaska! So cool. Erinn lives in Washington but is originally from Alaska, so she sent me some Alaskan coffee. I haven't dipped into it yet, but I can smell it through the package, and it smells rich and delicious. Also, I mean, it's from Alaska. 

Since I have an Eko-Brew re-usable K-Cup for our Keurig machine, I can also use this coffee in the Keurig. : )

EDIT 1/2/14: WOW, I am an idiot! I finally got around to cleaning up after the holidays, and as I was folding gift bags (reuse, people!) I found ANOTHER gift from Erinn wrapped in tissue paper in the bottom of the bag! She also sent me a dear little glass whale ornament. I love new ornaments for my tree, especially from different places, so thanks Erinn! : )

It was nice communicating with Erinn and talking to someone new, so I was really glad I participated in the Swap. It was also fun to anticipate getting a package in the mail! I am enjoying reading the other posts in the link-up, as well- it seems like everyone got paired up with someone who lives a good distance away, so we all got to experience some different products. Fun fact: I have already been following Erinn's blog for a while due to participating in the My HP Fix link-ups!

Anyway, it was nice to have a little Christmas at the end of Christmas week and extend the holiday a bit. : ) Thanks again Erinn, and have a great week, everyone!


  1. I'm glad you had fun doing the swap! It's just so fun getting to "meet" someone new and get goodies in the mail!

    Love that nail polish.

    Not that I'm obsessed with purple or anything....

  2. So neat that she sent you Alaskan coffee!!!

  3. Ooo what a fun package!!! I love those socks. They look so cozy! Thanks so much for participating!

    1. Thanks again for hosting! Looking forward to next year : )

  4. Awesome, what a thoughtful package! This was my first time doing a swap and I had so much fun with it. I will have to stop by and check out Erinn's blog, because I love finding other Washington bloggers! :-) Happy Holidays!

  5. Yay!!!!!! I'm so glad it all got to you ok. That coffee is my favorite black coffee (I was born and raised in AK) so I really hope you love it. I know i loved my gifts and i can't wait to share them when I get back to Washington tomorrow :).

    1. Hey! I'm an idiot! : ) I was JUST now cleaning up all of our holiday mess and found the cute little whale ornament in the bottom of my gift bag from you : ) Thank you so much!!!