Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giving thanks: Second installation

Hi there! : )

I'm back for round two of my thanks for November. (Round one can be found here).

Here are seven more things I am grateful for, in no particular order:

1) Both of my grandfathers. One served in Korea and one served in WWII.

Both very handsome guys, too. : )

2) Musical theatre! LOVE IT.

3) Date nights with my wonderful husband.

4) Electric blankets. One of the best inventions ever.

5) Being able to share music I love with my students. Today I played Frank Ticheli's "Amazing Grace" for a couple of my high school kids because I'm pretty sure we're going to play it this year. They quickly fell in love with the piece too. : )

6) Being able to spend a weekend with my family. I was home for three days last weekend and got to catch up with my grandparents, aunts, and parents. I missed A. but it was so nice to be there for a little bit.

7) Christmas movies... I just got all of mine out and I'm excited to start watching them!

Favorites: Elf, Polar Express, Year without a Santa Clause, White Christmas, The Holiday... so many.

I'm hoping to be back by the end of the weekend with another post. : ) Until then, have a great Friday!

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  1. I also had a grandfather who served in World War II and Korea! :)