Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Christmas Carol: 12 (x4) Days of Christmas

My favorite season is upon us!

Lots of people get all cranky this time of year - meaning early/mid/late November - because IT'S NOT DECEMBER YET SO WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS ALREADY.

(I already addressed this in my last blog entry, so I'm not going there again. If you want to postpone reading this blog entry until after Thanksgiving, if it will make you happy, that's fine with me. : )

Anyway, I'm going to start a series of Christmas carols. I was inspired to do this by the over 450 Christmas songs I have on my iTunes... I have multiple versions of many songs, and it's fun to rank them, because I'm a huge music nerd.

I'm starting with The Twelve Days of Christmas. (Though technically, as of today there are 45 days until Christmas, nearly four times twelve. Also, traditionally the twelve days begin the day after Christmas. Oh well.) This carol is a fun teaching tool, but can get monotonous if you are leading a sing-a-long or actually caroling. I enjoy it, however, because when I was growing up and we were traveling all over town as a family on Christmas Eve after church, we would play it in the car and sing as a family, each of us taking three of the days. When my brother and I got older and started going separate places on Christmas Eve, we kind of lost the tradition... but it's still something I look back on fondly.

Quick analysis of this song: it is pretty ridiculous, when you stop and think about it.

There is a great moment in an episode of The Office, when Erin pleads to her Secret Santa that they stop sending her the gifts from the Twelve Days of Christmas. He says, "It's not my fault that the first seven days of Christmas are basically thirty birds."

Here we go!

Veggie Tales - The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas
Technically it's not twelve days, but I love this version nonetheless. (Kielbasa is delicious!)

Bob & Doug - The Twelve Days of Christmas
For some reason, this is always popular on my local radio station once they start playing Christmas music.

Bob Rivers - The Twelve Pains of Christmas
I love the kid in this - "Mommy I have to go to the bathroom!"

The Muppets & John Denver - Twelve Days of Christmas
Classic. Muppets are awesome.

Perry Como - Twelve Days of Christmas
This is the version my family used for our sing along. We always fought over the "swans a swimming."

Straight No Chaser - The Twelve Days of Christmas
SNC has arguably become one of my favorite groups to listen to around Christmas time. It all began with this arrangement, which is fantastic.

AND... my number one version of The Twelve Days of Christmas...

Natalie Cole - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Natalie just gets increasingly more frustrated with each verse, and I love the final count at the end.

Do you have a favorite version of this Christmas counting song? Let me know! : )

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  1. This is awesome! I don't really ever have a problem w/ listening to different versions of the same song...even right in a row, but I especially don't care at Christmas!! I love both Straight No Chaser & Perry Como'a versions. :)