Sunday, September 22, 2013

My HP Fix: Would You Rather, part deux

Would you rather...

1. Have an invisibility cloak or a time turner?

Definitely an invisibility cloak. I would definitely use it for the dramatic reveal.... pulling pranks... just hiding when I don't want anyone to bother me... : )

Time turning would freak me out. I would be too worried that I would royally screw things up.

2. Spend an hour talking with J.K. Rowling or Daniel Radcliffe?

Okay so, who wouldn't pick JKR? Just curious. It would be so much fun to sit down and pick her brains. It seems like Daniel is kind of over HP:

3. Have a flying broomstick or an enchanted flying car?

I am tempted to say enchanted flying car, because it seems like a broomstick would be the flying equivalent of a motorcycle. However, I have to agree with Becky in saying that a broomstick would be much less conspicuous.

4. Spend a week in the Forbidden Forest or a day in Azkaban?

Can I invite Hagrid?

If so, I pick the Forbidden Forest. It's a legitimate point that one day of intense fear would be less than a week of fear, but Azkaban freaks me out.

5. Change the story so that Dumbledore does not get killed or so Sirius does not get killed?

Dumbledore's death is an integral part of the story and that would probably severely alter it. Having Sirius around to keep Harry company couldn't have hurt, right?

Until next time... I'll be busy with band. So, I promise I'll be back sporadically throughout the next month. It's the most crazy time of the year!

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  1. First, I can understand that Daniel Raddcliffe wants people to know that he can do more than be Harry Potter, but he needs to get his head on straight. He wouldn't be where he was if it HADN'T been for Harry Potter, and he needs to remember that.

    Second, if I could take Hagrid, I would pick The Forbidden Forest over Azkaban, too.