Saturday, September 14, 2013

My HP Fix: Goblet of Fire... and MORE HARRY POTTER

Okay guys.

This week was kind of a let-down overall but... there was some super exciting news...


Yes. That's right.


Oh man.

Anyway... this week's HP fix is based around my favorite book in the series, The Goblet of Fire!

Favorite parts of GOF:

1. The Yule Ball. It's seriously one of my favorite things about the whole series because I'm a nerdy girl and I love stuff like this. 

In the movie, the scenes leading up to the Yule Ball are the best. Ron and his dress robes, Fred asking Angelina to the ball, Neville practicing dancing. But mostly, this:

2. We meet the other Wizarding schools. I do enjoy in the books that the schools both seem to be co-ed, although I'm not sure any girls come from Durmstrang? But we get so much more interaction and personality with the foreign students, as opposed to the film when we just see Krum skulking down the beach. 

3. Visiting the house-elves in the kitchens. Dobby was not my favorite character in book 2, but he did grow on me in book 4. I also found it interesting that we got to see "normal" house elves for the first time. 

4. The Quidditch world cup setting... I love when they are walking around the campground, the descriptions of the fancy tents, wizard children on brooms and playing with wands, and of course - Archie, the old guy who is wearing a woman's nightgown and "likes a healthy breeze 'round his privates." I laugh at the part every single time I read the book. 

Not-so-favorite parts of GOF:

1. Rita Skeeter.
Rita: "This is cozy."
Harry: "'s a broom cupboard."
Rita: "Well, you should feel right at home then."

2. The shaggy haircuts (or lack thereof) that all the guys seemed to have in the film. Not a great look...

Ron's face in this picture hahahahaha

3. Ron's need for an attitude adjustment... we start all kinds of teenage drama in book 4. First he's mad at Harry for being forcibly entered into the Triwizard Tournament, then he's mad at Hermione because Krum likes her. So basically he's mad at both of them for circumstances beyond their control. Lamesauce.

Really though... Book 4 is the literal middle of the series and has the biggest turning point: Voldemort comes back. Before this book, we didn't have anyone on the "good side" die in the timeline of the series (other than Harry's parents, of course) - they all got some kind of reprieve. And suddenly, Cedric - who was a good character in the book even if he wasn't as strong in the film - gets killed for no reason. BOOM. (Side note: when Harry returns with Cedric's body in the film - the music - gorgeous. Chills each time.) The plot twist at the end is also crazy - upon first read, I never would have guessed that Moody was Barty Crouch Jr in disguise.

PS: I am wearing my Hogwarts shirt today, so... HP nerd all around.
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  1. Great answers! I totally forgot about Rita Skeeter in this book. I can't stand her!