Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's been a while...

...and I have so many things to blame! Not the least of which was the start of school last week. Yikes. Talk about a week of stress. Trying to start three music programs simultaneously is no joke!

Additionally, my dad has been battling another bout of MRSA (we all passed it around like a bad Yankee Swap gift about five years ago), which came about at a really inopportune time for him as he was getting ready to have surgery done for something else. Luckily he's got some pretty good doctors who have been taking care of him, and he's been following their directions to a T. Hoping he is fully recovered soon!

The weekend before school started I went with my mom to help my brother move into a townhouse from his apartment. It was kind of a spontaneous trip since my dad was out of commission. It was an exhausting weekend to have right before the start of school, especially given the tall skinny townhouse with three flights of steps. I also unintentionally lifted half of a very heavy sofa-bed over a banister by myself... so that was my Hulk moment of the year! Hooray for adrenaline!

Thank goodness for this Labor Day weekend, which I desperately needed to play "catch-up." I went home to see my family for a day, then drove back for a picnic with A's family, and then yesterday we just spent the day doing things around the house and spending time together. Consequently, today was so much calmer at school. I was less tired, more productive, less spastic, and more focused. Hopefully the kids see a difference. I kept telling them last week that I'm normally not so crazy. haha : )

Because things have been so nuts lately, I bring you my latest favorites from the Pinterest Humor board:

Have a good week everyone : )

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  1. The first week of school is so insane. This week is definitely much better! :)