Saturday, September 7, 2013

HONEYMOON! post: WDW Deluxe Dining Plan & Sassagoula food court

Wow. Okay. So the past couple weeks have been a little nuts with school starting. I have been unbelievably busy between marching band, music lessons, and Penny appointments/entertainment. I'm pretty much tired all the time. Ew.

Anyway, I do want to write about one more aspect of our awesome Honeymoon to Walt Disney World before I forget... the FOOD!

So much food.

So much DELICIOUS food.

And I am splitting this up into two parts because it's turning into a giant of a review.

The Deluxe Dining Plan 

A. and I decided that we were going with a dining plan, which neither of us had ever used at WDW before (I've been there 3 times with my family, he was there once when he was younger). After picking the restaurants we wanted to get reservations for, we decided to upgrade our plan to the Deluxe Dining Plan - many of the places we wanted to eat required two table service meals, so it seemed to make sense. And mostly it did. It's just that the DDP has SO MUCH FOOD incorporated into it. It was a lot.

I am the kind of person that likes to be completely prepared (or as much as possible) for a vacation before I go, so when I couldn't really find much out about how to use the dining plan, I got nervous. Shouldn't have. It was so easy. Upon check-in at our resort, we were given a card that served as both our room key and park ticket. All of our meals for our dining plan were also loaded onto the cards. When we went to eat somewhere, all we had to do was present one of our cards (not both of them, so that was cool) to redeem our meals. Most waiters and cashiers were really good about asking if we were using our dining plan before the meal even started so that they knew how to guide us through the ordering process. When we got our bill or receipt, there would be a tally at the bottom listing how many meals and snacks we had left for our stay.

This is our receipt from our dinner at Be Our Guest

For the DDP, we each had three meals and two snacks a day - and since we had tickets for six days - that totaled 36 meals and 24 snacks. One of my friends (who is a Disney Vacation Club member) sent me this website before our trip - - which gave a lot of helpful info about what qualified as a snack, what was table service and quick service, etc. On the Deluxe Plan it doesn't matter what combination of table service and quick service you use for your meals. It also doesn't matter how many you use in a day. So on a day when A. and I would have a dinner planned that would use 4 table service credits, we could still both have breakfast and lunch with no problems. (Not that this ever happened - that would have been SO MUCH FOOD in a day.) Lunches and dinners included a drink, an entree, and a dessert. Most days I just used snack credits for breakfast, because I usually eat fruit and A. usually skips breakfast all together.

We also had refillable mugs, which were spectacular - we just each picked one and redeemed our credit for it at the check out of the food court in our resort. We were in the food court all the time filling them up with water, hot chocolate, pink lemonade, Diet Coke, etc. etc.

The Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory food court

We definitely took advantage of the terrific food court in our resort, the Port Orleans: French Quarter. Along with standard offerings, they also have some meals and snacks that give you a taste of the Big Easy. And that taste is so, so awesome. Definitely full of calories. But so worth it.

Our favorite meal at Sassagoula was definitely the Shrimp Po Boy:

The Po Boys came with a side of chips. We split a few of these because they are really giant sandwiches, but seriously - the fried shrimp and the sauce are both really good. A. was also a big fan of the brownies with fudge topping for dessert. (I liked them too, but he really liked them.) One of my other favorite foods that I tried at the food court was the Creole Burger. Yum! And of course, if you're getting a snack, you have to get the beignets:

You can see my refillable mug in the background.

The beignets are freshly made so they are still hot and fluffy and covered in powdered sugary goodness when you get them. Yum!

That's it for this post... See you later for more good eats : )


  1. It's a good thing I just had breakfast, or I'd have to go grab a snack. lol it really sounds like going with a meal plan is a great idea! And you had so much delicious looking food!

    1. The meal plan was awesome... we did have meals leftover at the end of the week though. Someday I'll sit down with our receipts and figure out if it was financially the smarter thing to do : ) Our food was awesome... I definitely gained a few pounds that week.