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HONEYMOON! post: Good table service eats at WDW

As promised, here is part two of our Disney dining experience from our honeymoon... our favorite eats!

Tutta Italia - Italy - EPCOT

Our first night in Florida, we went to Tutta Italia in Italy in EPCOT. It was interesting getting there because there was a downpour right after we crossed the International Gateway or whatever it's called. We had planned on kind of exploring the left side of the World Showcase and ending up in Italy, but the rain quite literally put a damper on our plans... LOL. We did the ride in Mexico, the American Adventure, and explored what was indoors in Japan while we were waiting for dinnertime.

It was so worth the wait.

I don't have pictures of the appetizers, but A. got the calimari and I got the Tortino de Zucchine. Both were really awesome.

I completely forgot to take a picture of my dinner before I started eating it, but I couldn't help myself. I took a recommendation from our waitress and instead of ordering something "safe" I got the "Filetto de Sogliola" - filet of sole with white asparagus, lemons, and capers. It was deeeeeeeeelicious. 

A. got the Gnocchetti - clearly you can see he is happy. : )

We both got the Tiramisu for dessert - you really can't beat it. 

We both honestly thought that this dessert was being delivered to someone celebrating a birthday, because after our tiramisu was done, a bunch of the waiters and bussers came around the corner, clapping and singing - in HARMONY - with this chocolate mousse complete with lit candles. We were both so surprised when they brought it to us and congratulated us on our recent marriage! What a great way to start the honeymoon.

Not only was our waitress fantastic and fun to talk to, the busboy was also extremely attentive and we also had a visit from the manager on duty. It was seriously the perfect way to start the week.

Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luau - The Polynesian Resort

We were both excited for the luau, especially since we initially wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii. We traveled to the Magic Kingdom and then decided to catch the boat rather than the monorail to the Polynesian Resort. It was a great decision. The evening was gorgeous and the boat ride across the lagoon was very pleasant. 

When we arrived we had plenty of time to spare, so we walked around and checked out the resort. Very pretty! When we checked in for dinner, we got our pictures taken, got our leis, and then went to a holding area. After they opened the venue we were all escorted to our tables, already set up for each individual party, which was impressive. We had Category 2 seating, which was two table credits a piece for each of us. Unfortunately there was a large pole directly next to our table that blocked my view sometimes, even though we were in the very first row.

We went to the 8 pm show, so by the time we sat down to the appetizers, we were pretty hungry...

One of my favorite parts of dinner was the pineapple-coconut bread. It was sooo good. My favorite on the tray pictured above was the noodle salad, whatever it was - I didn't get to keep our menu from the evening and the one on isn't matching up with my picture. Oh well. The fresh pineapple was also delicious. 

We both got the "Island Breeze" which came with a souvenir cup. They were good but not mixed very well - probably because the bartender had to make a million at once. I was planning on getting the signature cocktail, Pele's Fire Punch, until A. pointed out that it involved plenty of alcohol and I am generally not used to consuming that much. : )

Ah, the main course. Ribs, rice, veggies, roasted chicken, and "island pork loin." I wish I had eaten less chicken and more of everything else, because I can eat chicken any time!

By the time dessert rolled out we were both stuffed. It was some kind of pineapple bread pudding, which I hardly touched because I was positive I could not eat another bite. 

Overall the show was good, the food was good, and the service was okay. I think next time we will probably try a different dinner show, though.

Wednesday's dinner was at Be Our Guest, which I reviewed in its own post. : )

Cinderella's Royal Table

When I called to make our dining reservations approximately 180 days in advance, I was shooting for a character breakfast buffet at Akershus in EPCOT. Instead, the guy who was helping me out noticed that there was a 10 AM opening at CRT for Thursday. This is practically unheard of, because all I read about was how difficult it was to get a reservation there and you had to call at the crack of dawn etc. etc. etc. So you can bet I snagged that reservation immediately! I WANTED A PRINCESS MEAL OKAY. I'm a grown six year old.

A. was such a good sport.

When we arrived we got our picture taken with Cinderella... while we were waiting, I found Jacques and Gus-Gus hiding in the greeting chamber. Can you see them?

Anyway, we went up to our table then for our breakfast. Our waiter was funny and also a good sport. After asking where we were from, he rattled off a list of Pittsburgh suburbs and western PA destinations. We asked if he had family up here and he said, "No, but we all get out of the castle once in a while..."

So we got an impressive little tray of pastries as an "appetizer" while we waited for our breakfasts to come out. I decided to just go for it and I ordered the "Lobster and Crab Crepes - warm cheese-filled crepes topped with spinach, sauteed lobster, and blue crab meat with a poached egg perched on top and draped in Hollandaise sauce" So. Good. (Side note: this is another reason I enjoyed the DDP - which was two table service credits for CRT, by the way - I wasn't worried about the prices of each meal when I was picking what I wanted to eat. I wanted to get the most out of what we paid for.) A. got a traditional breakfast.

We also got to participate in a "wishing ceremony" (or I watched it and A kept eating). I got a magic wand and A. got a sword. He acted like he was too good for it, you know, but then when we were unpacking he kept playing with his sword. I think it's his favorite souvenir. ; ) The princesses came around and visited each table and we got photo ops with each of them - Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. 

It was a neat experience - the food was great and the service was terrific - but I don't think I'd try to get in again unless I had a little girl who really, really wanted to go. 

Fulton's Crab House - Downtown Disney

This was another instance when it totally POURED on us. We were booking it from the bus depot to the steamboat because we knew the skies were about to open. We got there just in time... but when we left it was storming pretty hard. This was unfortunate because we wanted to walk around Downtown Disney a little bit. I did get A. to go shopping but since it was raining, the stores were extremely crowded and we were both getting a little cranky.

Anyway. This was by far his favorite meal of the week and bar none our best service of the week. Our waiter was outstanding. We gave him an enormous tip because he totally deserved it. Disney has pretty great service overall, but... this guy. Wow. 

For appetizers at Fulton's, A. got calamari and I got clam chowder, which was great. We both liked the calamari though - it came with a really yummy soy-like sauce. So good!

For dinner we decided to go for broke and we both ordered the lobster. Here's the thing. I've never had a whole lobster before. I've had lobster tail, but cracking into a whole lobster was a little intimidating. I sat there for a few minutes struggling with my knife and fork, flinging small pieces of shell and fish into the aisle, when the waiter finally took pity on me, came over and cracked apart my entire lobster in a matter of seconds. He finished taking apart A's for him too, even though he was definitely faring better than I was.

Also, when he delivered the lobsters, he said "say hello to your little friends" as he set them on the table. Hilarious.

 I don't know why they put potatoes with this. Does anyone ever eat them?

He took a picture for us, too. 

And then... then we still had dessert.

I ordered key lime pie and A. ordered a chocolate creme brulee. Mine was good, but his definitely won.

Overall... a really awesome meal.

Saturday's meal was at the Rainforest Cafe', but we both felt rather "eh" about that so I have no pictures from the meal and not much to say about it either other than we will probably find somewhere else to go next time. After the week of amazing food we had, it was difficult to compete.

I'll put about our quick-service meals in another post because this one got super long really fast. It's just... we had a great week and I want to keep talking about it : ) I want to go back NOW!

Sigh. We'll get back there sometime soon, I hope!

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  1. I'm in love with these food posts, seriously. Your breakfast at CRT sounds divine! I love crab and lobster, and I'm pretty sure I would've needed help cracking mine, too. I've never had an entire lobster either. :)