Sunday, September 29, 2013


A while ago I heard about this website called Influenster from my friend and fellow blogger, Becky.

I still don't fully understand said website, but I do know that a few weeks ago I was selected to receive a "Vox Box" full of CHEESE.

Who was I to say no?

This is what I received in the mail... in the box there was a coupon for a Free Sargento cheese snack, a dollar off another Sargento cheese snack, and a little snack cheese caddy. Which is cute, but it made me laugh, because I was like... really? This is a real thing that is apparently necessary.

Anyway, I went to the store and got my cheese snacks:

And I have to say, they're pretty tasty.

My favorite is definitely the Colby-Jack, and I enjoy eating it with an apple or a pear. I also enjoy that these snacks are reduced-fat. And I have to admit... I used the cheese caddy.

Since I don't always get to throw my lunchbox in the fridge right when I get to school, the little insulated cheese caddy did help in keeping my cheese cold. My thirty-one lunchbox is also insulated, so my cheese is extra-protected now! LOL

I have to point out that neither Influenster nor Vox Box is paying me to promote their product, but I do enjoy cheese, and this was a fun box to get in the mail. : )


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  1. Ooh! That's a fun (and kind of strange) VoxBox. Glad you got to try something yummy! I do like to have cheese as a lunch snack. I just never do because they're so darn expensive. lol