Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wedding Post: Pinterest edition - Pins I DID use!

I know, I know... I have been terrible at this lately. I started band camp this week, I got sick, my friend C came to visit this past weekend, and both A and I have been very busy with the ever-rambunctious puppy Penny. Along with, you know, daily life kind of stuff. (When will we next get to the grocery store?... the world may never know.)

Anyway, I bring you some of the pins I DID end up using for our wedding : )

This is one of those things I pinned myself and actually went back and bought... I was going to DIY my programs but I ran short on time and energy (and room). We used these programs and they looked nice and I don't think anyone had a strong opinion on them one way or another, which was fine. LOL

We did in fact make welcome bags for the hotel and I did in fact paste black and white copies of our engagement pictures on to the front of brown paper bags, and then stuff them with turquoise and purple tissue paper on top.

There are many variations of this pin on Pinterest, but this is the closest to mine - I had four taller vases of varying sizes with floating candles, and three votives surrounding them, with the taller vases sitting on a round mirror (the mirrors were provided by my venue). I got the tallest vases I had from Michaels, borrowed the votives from my cousin, and got everything else from quickcandles.com (my order did come quickly and everything was in one piece - no scratches! Huzzah!) My friend S. and I did spend the Thursday night before the wedding in my parents' master bathroom washing all of the vases with dish soap in the bathtub. Memories!

For the record, here is the closest picture of it I have - one of my aunts took a picture of my cousin through the centerpiece. : )

WE DID A VARIATION OF THIS and I am so excited about it and I really hope it turns out. Both of our sets of parents are still together and their wedding pictures were great. : )

I made one of these for our nephew using a cheap ($1.00) polo from Wal-mart and an iron on T-shirt transfer. So. Cute.

And it's getting to be that time again... so until next time!

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  1. These are all adorable ideas! I love the Ring Security shirt! Truthfully, I trusted my ring bearer (my cousin's son) more than either of the best men with my wedding rings. So I allowed him to carry (and hold on to) the actual rings until it was time to use them in the ceremony. So the ring security thing was very true for me! lol :)