Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wedding post: Decorating my church pews


It's been a while.

You know why?

Because I had band camp last week.
Band. Camp.
It was a long week. My kids were great. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances (waxing floors inside the school, paving parking lots around the school, a barn burning down behind the school, and me completely losing my voice, to name a few) that made it a difficult week for us, but they powered through and accomplished a lot.


A while ago I published this post about antiquing sheet music, and hinted it was for a project for my wedding. I finally got pictures from my mom of said project, and while they're not great, I can finally show you what I antiqued all that music for!

It was these!

After seeing the following pins on Pinterest (oh, the bane of the existence of wedding planners everywhere...) I decided I could, myself, create a similar effect and make it my own for our wedding. 

So I showed those pictures to my florist, and everytime I talked to her then - between November 2012 and June 2013 - she would ask me if I'd made my cones yet.


I procrastinated SO HARD. I had good intentions. I ordered the music in December. I bought the ribbon with coupons. I bought contact paper at the dollar store. And yet... it sat. And sat. And gathered more dust, and sat.

Then finally, a few weeks before the wedding, I realized this needed to get done. So as previously mentioned, I spent an entire evening antiquing all of the music. Then the next day, A.'s sister (one of my bridesmaids) came over and helped me construct the basic cones - together it took us about an hour and a half, and was much less frustrating than I'm sure it would have been on my own. Basically, this is what we did:

1. Coupled the sheet music according to lightness/darkness of the antiquing.
2. Lined up the sheet music on my countertop two at a time, upside down.
3. Covered the back of the sheet music with contact paper - it made them stick together, and made a great casing for putting flowers inside.
4. Hot-glued the overlap once we flipped the music over.
5. Formed the cone shape and hot glued the flap down.

Later, I took a cone to my church and measured the amount of ribbon I would need to glue to the cone and tie it in a bow. I think I went through about 6 spools of ribbon, because I didn't want dinky little bows. I also dropped a cone off for the florist (she was probably like FINALLY) so she could see how many flowers she needed to fill them.

Then before the rehearsal we hung the cones on the pews (they still smelled like coffee, BTW) and the next day before the wedding, the florist filled them.

This is how they turned out:

Photos courtesy Nick Finochio Photography

Anyway, so they turned out pretty nice and I'm very happy with how they looked! Hooray! : )

Okay, back to work... but I'll be back soon! 

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