Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding post: No glass clinking allowed!

A quick wedding post for you : )

There are many pins that I used from Pinterest, and I'm hoping to do a post about that soon- I tried the other day but it didn't work- but here is an abbreviated one!

My mom and I loved this idea... so this the text of the cards I made for our tables!

(Instead of using fancy card holders, though, I just made table tents.)

Did it work? Yes!

A few people actually sang us songs - very cute. My grandfather actually brought sheet music to sing to us. : ) My brother busted out with a couple different songs throughout the evening - my favorite was "All you need is love!"

Also, the DJs (who were fantastic) brought the bridal party up and had them all sing different songs into the mic in front of the whole party. ; )

More to come soon!


  1. That's a cute idea! The glass clinking does get annoying. I was at a wedding once where you didn't have to stand and sing, but you could request songs from the DJ. If a song had love in it, the couple was supposed to kiss every time the word love was sung. The couple didn't really adhere to this rule, though. My table picked "Love Shack". They did NOT kiss every time we sang "love". lol

    1. LOL I can't even imagine! "All you need is love" would be another tough one following that rule. You'd basically be making out all night... bring out the Chapstick!

      When the DJ made the bridal party sing, one of the groomsmen started singing "I'll make love to you" and we were laughing so hard we almost couldn't get the kiss in. : ) Awkward!