Monday, July 22, 2013

My Wedding: The invitations & escort cards

When we started out with this whole wedding planning process, one of the first things we did was decide our color scheme. I asked A. what color he would like to use, and he picked an aqua blue shade. I immediately decided my color would be purple, because the two colors look gorgeous together, and also I had seen a zillion of these beautiful blue orchids in pictures on Pinterest: 

So between the blue and the purple, I figured we could find some really cool wedding invitations. We're fun-loving and laid back people, so we weren't looking for anything really fancy. Or so I thought. Then I started showing A. some of the invitations I had bookmarked, and surprisingly, he leaned toward more of what I considered the "fancy" invitations. After many, many, many times surfing through websites - I finally came across this "Samantha" design on
They. Were. Perfect.

The colors are customizable, but I found the invitation in the perfect shade - so that's what we went with after we ordered a sample and really liked how it looked. Then I took those flowery/feathery designs and incorporated them into everything - from the escort cards to the cake to the signs that pointed to the restroom. I think everything tied together very nicely. (MyGatsby was also easy to deal with, and the invitations printed correctly and promptly. I think I might have had one oddball invitation where the printing was off the page a little bit, but I had about 20 extras, so it wasn't a big deal.)

To isolate the design, I scanned one of the RSVP cards (which were ivory with the purple design) onto my computer, and cropped the design in Paint. Then anytime I wanted to use it, I just inserted the image into a document. 

A. and I knew as soon as we started planning the wedding that we wanted a photo booth. My cousin had one at her wedding last summer and I was in there like 5 times. (Sadly, I only made it into ours once! Was too busy dancing.) The photo booth attendant glued a duplicate of each picture strip into a scrapbook and the guests in the picture signed it, so we have a great keepsake from the evening - the first thing we did in our honeymoon suite was look through all the pictures in the book. Anyway, I had this idea that if I could find photo booth strip frames, I could just make escort cards that fit into them, and that way everyone would have a very functional favor. 

Personally, this is one of the ideas I had that I am most proud of.

I ordered a bunch of L-shaped frames from - out of 180 I only found one scratched frame in my entire order. A. helped me format a Word Document to make the cards and print them out. (If you would like the template for these, please just comment below and I can e-mail it to you, no problem : )

This is what they looked like close up:

I put the table number in the top right hand corner, and then the last name on the top line so that everyone could find their name easily. (They were in alphabetical order.) Underneath I would put the guests' names - if it was a couple, like above, "Larry & Sue." If it was a couple with children, underneath I would put the kids' names but in a smaller font. My venue also required that each person's meal be marked on their cards, so at the bottom I listed the meals for that party. 

On the back of each card I used double sided tape to put a note:

I also had the event coordinator at our reception venue put about 10 extra empty frames on the escort card table. At the end of the night there were no leftovers... so it must have been a hit!

Stay tuned for the next installment in the wedding posts : )
Take it easy!


  1. Beautiful color choice (I'm partial to anything involving purple!!)! Photo booths are super fun! I love the idea of the photo strip frames as a favor. We went to a wedding that had a photo booth, and I liked that they printed two copies so the couple could have a nice keepsake, too! :)

  2. Hi. I really love your photo booth escort idea. Would you be able to send me the template? My email is krishnan.nisha at gmail. Thank you!

  3. would you mind sending me the template for the escort cards? I love the design!

  4. Hi. I'm not sure if you still have the template for the escort cards but would you mind emailing it to me at Thank You!