Monday, June 10, 2013

Tony Awards 2013



I have decided that someday I will be Mrs. Shields in A Christmas Story: The Musical.

And NPH should host everything.

Here's my random thoughts about the Tonys from last night, including my top 3 performances:


This. Just this. Debra Messing's face at 6:37 says it all. BROADWAY AWESOME OVERLOAD. If I was in the middle of all of that I would have been sobbing from amazement.

I don't even know what else to say. Neil Patrick Harris' "rap" in the middle, ending "we were that kid." WOW.


I love Cinderella. It's cheesy but it's such a cute little musical. I have watched both the Leslie Ann Warren and the Brandy versions again and again, and I have to say, I don't remember a "Crazy Marie," but the quick-changes and "Ten Minutes Ago" -- stage magic. Amazing.

The fact that the Rock of Ages actors introduced this cracks me up. So random.


Where did this musical even come from? And how about this tap dancing kid? I just want to sing this song. "You'll shoot your eye out!" I love comedic acting. I just WANT THIS PART.

I love this movie, so now I really want to see the musical now.


The Annie performance - I love Jane Lynch's version of Miss Hannigan. Also, the pronunciation of "It's a Hard Knock Life" had me hooked. What a bunch of talented little girls!

The Motown performance - Great music, good dancing, can't go wrong. Kind of randomly put together, though.

The "TV Series" medley with NPH, Laura Benanti, the incomparable Megan Hilty, and Andrew Rannells - brilliantly put together and sung. Still mad that Smash is cancelled.

Things I wasn't so thrilled by - Bring it On the musical and Matilda the musical.


Laura Benanti

Patina Miller

Sigourney Weaver

I guess I was really just feeling blue last night!

I'm sad I haven't been to any shows in a while but I love that I have DVR and YouTube so I can watch this stuff whenever I want. <3

Have a great day everyone! Stay dry! (it's pouring here haha)


  1. Who won best musical?? My DVR missed the end. Guess I should've added the 30 minute extension after all....

    I LOVED the quick costume changes in Cinderella!! Brilliant! I also loved Jayne Lynch as Mrs. Hannigan! You are right. NPH SHOULD host everything. That opening number was great. You really can't go wrong with Motown music. Awesome time period in musical history.

    I've never seen Pippin. So I don't get the hype. I wasn't impressed with that performance.

    1. Pippin won for best revival and Kinky Boots won for best musical. (A. told me I should add the extension on the DVR and I'm glad I did!)

      I've never seen Pippin either, and frankly the story (after wikipedia-ing it, very reliable of course) doesn't interest me a whole lot. But with all the circus-y stuff, it might be pretty cool. I don't know.

    2. Ah yes, Kinky Boots. I'm not sure what you thought, but that performance didn't do anything for me either. Kind of a strange story line....

    3. Yeah, I don't know if I'd really pay to go see that one, either.