Monday, June 3, 2013

May showers bring June... insanity!


I know it has been forever since I've posted.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. (I hope apologizing 3 times helps.) It's just been crazy.

Memorial Day weekend was my shower and my bachelorette party! What a fun day. Tell you what, my girls did a fantastic job planning my shower. I wanted no involvement in planning it - I just needed to know when it was and show up. : ) I'm a firm believer that a shower is a gift to you from your friends and family, so I wanted them to give me what they wanted to give. If that makes sense.


I don't know if you saw any of the "Meet the Maids" pins on Pinterest but I love them. And I was more than thrilled when I arrived at the shower and saw one of my very own : )

I especially loved this because one of my "maids" and best friends, S., lives in Arizona and so was unable to make it to PA for the shower. (She'll be here for the wedding though, obviously.) This way she was still part of the shower even though she couldn't be there. Each one of them found a picture that had the two of us in it, and then wrote a nice message about our friendship. A.'s sister's made me cry - it was so sweet - so I started crying right at the beginning of the shower. Off to a good start!

Also, very cute idea - each of the girls made a gift basket as a prize for the games. I know my younger cousins were totally eyeing up the baskets and getting in the competitive frame of mind. 

The games were a "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" survey and Gift Bingo. The survey was fun- I fill out the answers a week beforehand for my MOH via email - my aunts kept challenging my answers about my favorite things. It was interesting to see who got the most answers right! And I thought the idea of Gift Bingo was great - each lady got a blank bingo card and filled it out with gifts she thought I would receive. As I opened the gifts, they would cover the spots on the card and try to get bingo. : )

I got some really nice things, and a few surprises - I think registries are a great idea, but I do like when people deviate from them when they know you well and come up with something creative, thoughtful, and personal. For example, my grandparents got us a tree! My grandma wrapped up a little branch in a box and put a "caring for trees" pamphlet inside, and then she and my mom drove down Memorial day morning and dropped off the real 8-foot tall tree for us. I love this for three reasons: 1) we really need landscaping, 2) it is a gift that will last a long time, and 3) everytime we look at it we will remember my grandparents. LOVE IT.

I'm not going to delve into bachelorette details here, but I will show you the creativity of my bff B.:

Yes, that is a BOUQUET MADE OUT OF UNDERWEAR. Impressed. So impressed. I don't want to take it apart. It's still together, two weeks later, sitting on my jewelry armoire. Someday soon I'll actually wear the underwear, B. I promise.

I have to say I have been amazed at the creative wrapping skills of my family and friends. I am extremely uncreative when it comes to giving gifts, usually. I have so many gift bags. I recycle said gift bags. I need to start pinning more ideas for gift giving! Get with it, K.!

Anyway, that's about all the time I've got to spare for now. The end of the school year, with planning for a new job and a wedding - that's just crazy. But I'm getting it done!

Now, if someone could just get the neighbor's peacocks to shut up and tell their kids to quit dumpster diving in the construction site next door, we'd be set.

Have a great week everyone : ) I'll try not to let the blog go for so long again!

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