Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Go ahead, throw stuff at me!

My mom and I were talking about the wedding (surprise, surprise) the other night and suddenly we were faced with a conundrum.

The end of the actual wedding.

I looked at this article to see if I could find an answer, and I'm still not really thrilled by anything.

The article's suggestions are: throwing flower petals, riding off into the sunset on a bicycle, forming an archway of umbrellas, leaving on a rickshaw, leaving in a vintage car, blowing bubbles, riding off on scooters,  having guests light sparklers, leaving on a golf cart, rowing away on a boat, (again) leaving in a vintage car, leaving on a trolley, wading in the ocean tide, and the groom carrying the bride away.


Some of these ideas are not practical for us, since we are getting married in a church nowhere near water in the middle of the afternoon. (So no boats, ocean waves, or sparklers.) The entry to my church is not condusive to umbrellas (hoping it's not that hot or rainy anyway). The bicycle, rickshaw, scooters, and golf cart: NO. We actually do have a trolley coming, to take the bridal party from the church to pictures to the reception.

This looks like a nightmare and would totally ruin both dress and tux.

This seems like a recipe for disaster.

Mostly mom was looking for suggestions of the crowd send-off, in lieu of pitching rice with force at me and A. And this article only offered the petals and the bubbles. I'm not thrilled about the bubbles idea, nor spending more money on flowers. Other things I've seen are confetti, which someone would have to clean up, or streamers for people to wave, which would be time-consuming to make (I'm already behind on making things). When my parents got married in 1985, everyone released balloons into the sky, which my mom pointed out is probably not legal anymore.

So now I'm getting kind of whiny about the whole thing. Is it really necessary for us to have a formal send-off in front of the church when we are just going to go back inside to take pictures? We are doing a mini-receiving line, with me, A., and our parents. Can't we just thank people for coming and say we'll see them later at the reception?

A CONFETTI CANNON! Have to rent that and someone to sweep it up after.

I know there are no hard and fast rules for weddings, really, other than the actual getting married part; but I don't really think I need to have anyone throwing things at us (or blowing bubbles at us) on our wedding day. Right? (Unless it's money, but that would be tacky. LOL)

Off to do more wedding-y things---


  1. You ARE right, actually. Scott and I did not have people throwing things at us OR blowing bubbles. I felt that its kind of stupid because you go through allow that, drive "away" and have to go back in for pictures anyway. Waste. Of. Time. We had a big wedding party, so we just did a small receiving line with the two of us and our parents. People were then free until the reception.

    You're also right that pretty much anything goes for weddings these days. If you don't like the ideas, can't find one that works, or just don't want to do it....ok! :)

    In other words, I totally give you permission to skip it. :)

    1. THANK YOU. I agree, I think it's a waste of time - we're working with a tight timeline anyway so I'm relieved to hear there's another person out there who didn't do anything like this : ) My cousin got married last August and she didn't have a "send off" either. VALIDATION!!!