Monday, June 24, 2013

19 days to go

Nineteen days.


The past week or so we've been getting a lot accomplished, and things are really coming together. I'm getting really excited, especially for the honeymoon trip. (I want to start packing NOW. : ) The only thing is, my wedding nightmares have returned in full force; and those, in combination with the knee problems I've been having, are really affecting my sleep.

My wedding nightmares are so weird, too. A. told me I must have a very active imagination. Some of them I can't remember vividly in the morning, but others seem like movies I've watched or books I've read. For example, my nightmare circa Friday night involved:
- My dad walking me down the aisle at the wrong time, before the bridesmaids or even A. & the groomsmen had come out, so we had to turn around and go back down the aisle again
- The flower girl threw a massive temper tantrum and flung her flower basket into the middle of the congregation
- The pianist started playing the wrong processional song, and then got up and started yelling at me
- When we got to the reception, our cake was a red, white, and blue birthday cake instead of our wedding cake

Saturday's was vague but involved rollerskating at the reception. Thursday's involved marrying the wrong groom. (Fortunately I'm sure both of those are not going to happen. LOL)

Although apparently rollerskating weddings are not out of the realm of possibility. 

LUCKILY, last night I do not recall having any such nightmares and I actually feel pretty well-rested. Yay!

I am glad that a new week has begun and it should be a good one. I can get into my classroom on Wednesday to get things ready for the practices that start after the wedding. ("After the wedding"... .... ...) Then I'm driving to my parents' for a little bit, taking care of some wedding things (of course) and hopefully spending some time near their pool. A.'s bachelor party is this weekend, and I know the vague details of the trip (Do I need to know specifics? Probably better if I don't) but I know they are going to have fun. My family reunion is Saturday (so both A. and my brother will be missing that... awww). A.'s sister is coming over on Tuesday to help me get the church decorations put together. All in all, I have high hopes for the week, and I am sincerely hoping that both my car and my knee are all better!

For the past week I have been walking at least 2 miles a day, except for the day after my knee went out. So I'm going to go and get that done now, first thing in the morning, since it's already mid-70s and the high today is 88. Phew! But, just a few short months ago I was complaining about all of the snow and cold, so I will not be complaining about sunshine and heat. : ) 


PS - we watched Silver Linings Playbook the other night and we both enjoyed it! I was impressed by the acting overall and I understand why all 4 main actors were nominated for Oscars. So good. Jennifer Lawrence as a human being is just awesome. 


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  1. I don't know why it happens, but I had wedding nightmares, too. I can assure you that none of the things in my nightmares actually happened. :)

    We bought & watched Silver Linings Playbook last week. I really liked it. Amazing acting, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer Lawrence! :)