Friday, May 24, 2013

This. Week. Has. Been. Crazy.

I don't even know where to start about this week, so I'm not going to. It's been extremely busy. Mostly with good things, but there has just not been a spare moment to sit down and really write a whole lot. I'm trying to wrap up this school year while preparing for the next one, as well as work on wedding things and stay on top of bills, mail, etc. Not to mention cleaning my house, which was starting to look abandoned, between piles of paper things (think mail, magazines, receipts, etc.) and dust and all of the hair falling out of my head and dirty dishes and laundry. AHHH!

But I'm caught up with a lot of that now, to the detriment of my blog. Sorry world (aka the 5 people who read this thing haha).

Anyway, one of my friends pinned a link this morning that I have been playing with and unable to fool for the last ten minutes:

I have tried everything from Homer Simpson to Megan (from Bridesmaids) and it keeps guessing them right!

UPDATE: I just tricked it, with Tris from Divergent. Muah ha ha.

Speaking of reading, I just finished "War Brides" by Helen Bryan and I immediately started reading it again. I tend to do that with books, just because the first time through I usually miss things because I am in such a rush to find out what happens. It's an excellent historical fiction book and I did NOT expect the ending. Check it out. : )

And after this brief blog post, I am going to get back to packing for what seems like the 30th time this month - which means I'll be unpacking again in a few days. Sigh. BUT I am super excited for this weekend, because bridal shower and bachelorette hijinx are going to ensue.

PS - I Google Imaged "bachelorette" for a meme, like I do, and this image came up.
HOW did I miss hearing about this movie?
Hey, Netflix.

Let's be clear about something - the only reason actual "hijinx" would ensue would be if Ryan Gosling actually attended. When my girls and I party it usually involves drinking at home while playing board games and laughing our heads off, which is fine by me : ) Not sure what they have planned, but it doesn't need to involve any phallic symbols or shots at a bar. Yikes.

Okay then. Packing time. PEACE OUT!

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  1. May seems to be such a crazy month in the school world! Have a great weekend! :)