Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm here, I promise

When I left you last, I was on the GM [Crash] Diet. I ate beef and tomatoes. It made me sick.

Following some encouragement from a nutritionist friend (and much facepalming for not having researched the diet thoroughly beforehand), I dropped it on Saturday. I felt bad for not being able to commit to a week-long diet, but it was doing some not-nice things to me by Friday evening. Instead of doing the beef-and-vegetables regimen all day on Saturday, I cooled it a little. I ate a normal breakfast. I had a banana. I still drank a ton of water. For lunch I had a steak salad, for dinner we made shish kabobs on the grill using beef chunks and a variety of yummy veggies marinated in balsamic, and brown rice. I felt SO MUCH BETTER on Saturday night.

Sunday I was pretty much back to a more normal, well-balanced, healthy diet, and when A. tried to give me a chocolate milkshake that he thoughtfully brought home from lunch with his cousin, I respectfully declined it. (I had a few bites when he got it back out of the freezer later, though - not gonna lie!)

Basically my friend told me that I should be focusing mostly on lean proteins and fruits and vegetables. "Eat fruits and veggies for your snacks," she told me. "If you don't want to eat a fruit or veggie, you're not that hungry." So that's going to be my focus.

I can take a few good things away from the crash diet, though - eating more fruits and veggies is easier when you have a lot in the house. Even though beef is a good treat for me, I know my system enjoys chicken, ground turkey, pork, and seafood a lot more. I cut out my Diet Coke habit - I had one for a treat yesterday, and I'm not going to have one today. I have been drinking a lot more water - and using a refillable bottle. Now that it's nicer outside, I'm going to do more yardwork and exercise more. So it wasn't a total loss, it just wasn't the best idea I've ever had in my life.

On the plus side, I had my first dress fitting on Saturday and it was pretty exciting! I'm so excited now to see what the dress looks like when it fits properly. AHHH! It's coming up quickly! RSVPs are coming in, which is also exciting. However, apparently A.'s boss's invitation got lost in the mail, and he's been on A's case about it all day at work. (In a good natured way, I'm sure, but I've got to put together another invitation tonight for him to hand-deliver tomorrow!)

On the down side, I have mentally been a little down the past few days. My uncle is still in CCU after 3 and a half weeks, and he's not improving anymore. They had to do a tracheostomy this morning, and we're waiting to hear back about the results of an ECHO they did of his heart earlier today. It's making me really anxious and upset- which I'm sure would pale in comparison to my uncle's feelings, were he not sedated, but I just want everything to be okay. In addition to my uncle's health concerns, my grandpa had a bad fall this weekend, and then went to chemo yesterday, where he sat for one and a half hours before someone realized that they forgot to turn his chemo on. So he had to sit there an extra hour and a half on his bruised hip. MAD. Also, my brother developed another mystery flu and was in the hospital with a temperature of 103 two days ago. Yesterday it was down to 100. I haven't talked to him yet today but hopefully he's doing better.

Basically, the men in my family need to get it together.

Sad fluffy puppy...

In a nutshell, that's why I haven't been posting anything. I've been busy and I just haven't been in the mood for it. The nice weather today is helping, so now I'm going to go sit on my deck and soak up some sun and read a book and try not to think about anything!!!

Take it easy, blog world,


  1. The crouton on the sundae thing totally made me LOL! I'll be keeping your family in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Becky, I appreciate it... things aren't looking promising. : (

  2. I'm glad to hear that your nutritionist friend helped you figure out a healthy diet plan for you - I really liked the part about "if you don't want to eat a fruit or veggie, you're not really hungry." That's great advice! Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning - the part after invites go out is the best part. Basically all of the hard stuff is done and you just get to enjoy the happiness and love! And I'm praying for your family members as well. I hope things turn out alright.