Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dinner Time Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas

Hi guys!
I'm trying to make an effort here! Two days in a row! Getting back in the swing of things!

Becky, I don't know how you teach first grade every day; I subbed first grade today and I'm exhausted. Like, "I just took a two hour nap in which I was completely out" exhausted. A.'s mom came over, A. collected trash from every can in the house, and I slept through it all. (And then my mom texted me and I woke up.) 

Before I fell asleep though, I did actually cook dinner tonight!

I don't know if you've ever used Philadelphia Cooking Creme, but it's pretty good. I really like the Santa Fe kind. We haven't gotten it in a couple months, and they redesigned the package and, I think, the flavoring - because it's spicier than I remember!

I really like enchiladas, and when we go out for Mexican, that's what I normally get. So a while ago I took the advice of one of my friends who used to blog - but doesn't anymore - and tried this Cooking Creme to make easy enchiladas. The recipe I use used to be on the back of the container, but they replaced it with a beef enchilada recipe. Luckily the Kraft website offers many recipes and this one is still there!

I didn't even get a picture of my enchiladas in the pan because I was so excited to eat them when they came out of the oven. NOM NOM NOM.

We both really enjoy these but they are not healthy by a looooooooooong stretch. In fact, if you have two enchiladas made by this recipe, I believe it's 16 WW Points+. (That's a LOT). I usually have one and a half and it fills me up... but these are definitely a treat. We don't have them often but when we do they are glorious.

I guess since I just woke up from my nap I should go get ready for bed... sheesh!
Take it easy,


  1. First grade is exhausting. You do get somewhat used to it eventually...as in, you don't ALWAYS need a 2 hour nap. BUT that may give you some insight into my sudden desire to teach 6th grade. lol

    Those enchiladas look delicious. I love cooking with Philadelphia cream cheese. I've never used the cooking cream, though!

    Thanks for linking up, I've been so busy this week, so I'm behind on my blog reading (clearly). :)

    1. The santa fe cooking creme is good! I tried the italian and garlic varieties with less thrilling results... they claim you can use it as a sauce, but it's way too thick that way. This enchilada recipe is one of my go-tos, though. : )

      Good luck with the rest of the school year! Hang in there!