Sunday, April 7, 2013

Things that have been happening

Oh heyyyyyyyyyy.

Things have been a little crazy lately.

* I have a meeting tomorrow that I am *hopeful* is about a full-time job for next year.

* I went to my friend B.'s new apartment on Friday for her housewarming party and to see my other BFFs S. & C. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. We, along with B's roommate and her friends, played this fantastic game:

It's like the game Telephone, where you whisper a sentence into someone's ear and see if the statement can make it the whole way around a circle of people... only you use PICTURES instead. Hysterical.

* Then on Saturday I went shopping (and eating) with B, C, and S. We had such a good time. I love them so much and I'm glad I've been seeing them more often in spite of the house/wedding/job insanity.

* This morning A. and I went out to breakfast with his family at Bob Evans. It was a nice time. : )

* Today I have been trying to get things crossed off my list, and also A. ran the dishwasher, vacuumed, and moved all of our patio furniture/hose/grill out of the garage. I don't know what got into him but I like it!!! haha

The thing is, my uncle got really sick this week and nobody really knew how sick until my aunt talked to him on Friday. He was diagnosed with cancer last year, and did monthly chemo treatments, and was told he was cancer free after his last treatment at the end of March. However, he got really weak following the treatments and evidently didn't do anything about it. He is currently in the hospital with some kind of mystery pneumonia or bacterial infection - they can't even figure out what exactly is wrong, so they don't know how to treat him. Apparently he was just admitted to the ICU. So..... my uncle definitely needs prayers more than I do right now, and if you have a minute to send some his way, I would definitely appreciate it. My uncle is my godfather, as well, and I care about him and love him very much. 

This week is bound to be interesting, one way or another.

On the bright side, the weather is supposed to be beautiful!

Until next time - 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. Sending prayers your way.

    1. Thanks Becky! It seems like things are starting to improve a little tiny bit at a time, but at least they are improving and not getting worse. We appreciate your prayers! <3