Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring cleaning

Hey guys,

I think we solved the mystery of the cough. Well, A. did. Yesterday afternoon my head just kept hurting worse and worse, and I kept sneezing, and I said it felt like every time I inhaled through my nose, I felt like I was breathing in chlorine. A. suffers from some pretty intense allergies and takes a Zyrtec daily, pretty much, and he realized that my symptoms were mostly allergy symptoms. So... I'm going to take one in the morning and hope that solves my problems, because I have felt like I've been in a fog all day long!

Despite my fog, I also got some more cleaning/unpacking/organizing done. Since the 10-day forecast for us includes some temps in the mid-60s, I decided it was time to switch out the heavy sweaters for some nice spring clothes. As I went to start the old heave-ho where I drop all of my clothes on the bed and then decide  where to put each garment, I had this inspiration.

Yes. Underbed storage bags.

I don't know why I never thought of them before. Seriously. We registered for an under-bed shoe storage bag, so I don't know why the garment ones didn't set a lightbulb off over my head. Our old place had plenty of places to store things - so it wasn't necessary there - but under the bed at our new home is empty. We keep nothing under there. UNTIL NOW.

So instead of switching my clothes from closet to closet, I put some of my bulkier, heavier sweaters in the storage bags and put them under the bed instead. MY CLOSET LOOKS SO MUCH BIGGER. 

I also picked up some clear plastic storage containers, and started transferring the holiday decorations into those instead of the cardboard boxes that they were in before. It is so nice to not have a stack of cardboard boxes in the closet when I open it. I can see everything that is in each container, which I also like. 

Anyway, I hope that if you are spring cleaning, it's going well for you; and that if you celebrate Easter, you had a wonderful weekend. : )

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  1. I desperately need to start my spring cleaning, but I've been so busy! My house is making me crazy!

    Great idea about the under the bed storage. I think I need to do some of that....AFTER I clean under there, of course. :-p