Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My HP Fix

Hi guys! 

I thinnnnnnnnk that the questions this week came from me, so it's interesting to see the answers that have been posted so far... K. is stirring up some controversy! : ) I'm excited to post my answers.

1. Which HP movie actor would you most like to hang out with for a day?
I love a lot of them, but I would be too intimidated to actually "hang out" with some of my favorite HP actors - namely, the Phelps twins, Maggie Smith, and Emma Watson.

I think I could chill with Evanna Lynch, though. Her Twitter feed is so fun, and she seems like such a down to earth person. She's been on a few Muggle Cast episodes and is a big HP fan herself. Yay Luna!

2. Do you think there should be a television miniseries made in the future based on the books?
There are a few key words in this question: "in the future." We need time to absorb the movies that were just made. And only if it was a cable-based show - on HBO or Showtime or something like that. NOT a channel like NBC, CBS, or God forbid, ABC family. (I love ABC Family but definitely not their original series... barf.) I think HBO and Showtime can do justice to epic stories like HP. I also think that JKR should have some involvement in it. The reason I am all about doing a miniseries is because there are so many fun details in the series that were left out in the movies due to time constraints - Peeves, Dumbledore's back story, heck, even Sirius giving Harry the two-way mirror. The series is so detail oriented that I think a miniseries, done correctly, would be really satisfying to fans of the books.

3. Be honest - do you want to see the movies remade with different actors sometime in the future?
I know I'm the one that asked this (I think so anyway) but I've seen this come up all over the internet... and my answer is no. It's like asking Star Wars fans if there should be a remake of the original. The HP movie series is not perfect by any means, but it would be so difficult to re-do it and do it differently enough to make it worth its while. The only reason I can foresee that would justify a remake would be some technological revolution in cinema (not 3-D). Other than that... nope, leave it alone.

Peace out : )


  1. It seems that most of us are ok with the TV mini-series idea. :) You make a great point, though, it should be HBO or Showtime or something like that, though. It would be great to have JKR have say in it. And to squeeze in those details that were left out of the movies.

  2. I like the justifications that everyone is giving for the miniseries! My initial reaction was "no," but the more I think about it you're right that you could probably get a lot more of the subtle plot points in that the movies missed out on. I guess when I originally thought of it I didn't think of cable (because I don't have the premium channels) so that's why I hated the idea right away. Haha :)