Thursday, April 4, 2013

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

Ok, guys.

I need prayers, thoughts, crossed fingers, whatever you have to offer.

For the past two years I have been, for the most part, unemployed in the "grown up" sense. I was laid off from my music teaching job, that I loved, in 2011 due to state budget cuts to education. I applied to a thousand places and did a few interviews and nothing panned out. So I took a break and worked on my Masters and did a musical and even got hired as a long-term substitute teaching music. Loved that too. That position got cut too.

Why, oh why, do the arts always get CUT????


So I finished my Masters, and this year took a part-time position as a teaching assistant in the district that furloughed me originally.

There is a chance that I might be able to come back full time as a music teacher next year. Doing what I love.

A chance.

I have become very skeptical of these things over the last two years.

A. and I really need this to work out. Both financially and for my sanity. I can't really complain too much, because I have been a very fortunate person. I like to think I made lemonade out of my lemons. I did a lot of great stuff while I haven't been working full time, met some awesome people, accomplished a lot. We bought a house. We got engaged. Other than the job thing, life has treated me pretty well. I have really supportive friends and family, and of course A. has been my rock throughout this entire ordeal.

I just really, really want this job.

One of the fun things I did at my long-term-sub job.

Thanks <3
Have a great weekend!

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