Friday, April 26, 2013

GM Diet, Day 5

DISCLAIMER: I know these posts I wrote about the GM diet have been pinned and commented on, but make sure you consult with a doctor or nutritionist before beginning ANY diet, especially a drastic one like this. If you read the posts I wrote toward the end of the diet, you'll know I got very sick and ended it early... and also gained all of the weight back almost immediately. Make good choices! Be safe!

Well, I'm over the halfway mark, but this day was the hardest one for me so far.

Today's supposed to be beef and tomatoes. I like beef. I like tomatoes. I don't eat beef that much; usually we opt for ground turkey, chicken, pork, fish... beef is a rare occasion. I like tomatoes in sauces and salads, and generally don't eat them on their own.

The beef and the tomatoes together.... yechhhhh.

Earlier I felt so sick. After doing beef and tomatoes for both breakfast and lunch, I was done. When I started getting hungry around dinner time, I cheated a little and made tomato soup with extra diced tomatoes instead.   And.... I had a banana a little bit ago. That made me feel a little better, but I still don't feel good. I'm definitely not hungry. I definitely want other food.

Tomorrow is my gown fitting, and my mom is going with me. Afterward we are probably going out for lunch.  Tomorrow is beef and vegetables, and I am totally going to get a steak salad somewhere. I am so looking forward to it.

You know what else I'm looking forward to? This being over. I'm trying to hold my willpower and get to Sunday. I am just so ready to go back to eating normal things - not necessarily what I'd call my normal, because I'm going to cut back on carbs and caffeine. I've really noticed a difference in my energy levels this week, for the better. It's just... I need more variety in life! Ugh. Meanwhile, A. is sitting next to me watching the NFL Draft, drinking a beer and eating salsa and chips. (The beer is not appealing. However, I want those chips in my mouth, now.)

To make myself feel a little better, I looked up diet memes:

There are so many, but I'll stop there. : )

Have a good weekend, everyone! See you on the other side of the GM Diet. 

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  1. I totally know how you feel. I'm not a fan of tomatos at all so beef & tomatos would NOT work out for me. I love love love the picture with the cat and mouse. Hilarious!