Monday, April 15, 2013

All you need is love.

I think, with all of the stressful and tragic things happening right now, it's a good time to list some good things that I am grateful for.

  • The power of music. Even when it makes you cry. Sometimes that's the best kind of cry to have.
  • Generosity.
    •  Last night one of my former students came over. I helped her out gratis for a college audition she had this spring. She brought me a nice card and some beautiful flowers as a thank you for my help. (This is especially awesome because we have zero plants for landscaping right now and also zero budget for that purpose.) 
    • Additionally, today I registered to walk in the Relay for Life, mainly because I've been feeling very helpless about my uncle's situation. I've walked before, but this year I didn't know how to fit in my schedule. Today I decided it had to fit. People have already donated $125 for my walk, for which I am extremely appreciative.
    • Also, when I was at my uncle's last weekend, my aunt offered A. and I some of her Hyatt points for the night before our honeymoon. She called and set it all up while I was sitting right there. With all of the things we have to pay for right now, I can't emphasize how huge this is! It meant a lot to me.
  • Love. A. and I had another meeting with our pastors yesterday for the wedding. I know it's not his favorite thing, but the fact that he is willing to go to these meetings with me means so much to me.
  • Return to "normalcy." Testing interrupted everything last week. It was so nice today to go back to reading books with my kids.
  • Having so many things to look forward to. Graduation, wedding, honeymoon, and now the job to plan for. Yes, it's a lot of stress. But it's also exciting!
  • My private studio. I've said it before, I'll say it again - it takes so much of my "free" time, and I know A. gets sad that he loses that time with me... but I love my private students. They have all been working so hard lately, and they are fun to talk to. I have some frustrating weeks with a few of them, but overall I just enjoy being able to teach music to such great people.
  • Reading. Lord knows after some of these long days, escaping into a book is a great luxury.
  • Puppies. I got to see my parents' dog this weekend (I still call her my puppy, anyway) and I love her so much. Even though she drives me a little crazy. And wouldn't let me sleep. And almost had a fight with a possum at 9 PM in the backyard. 
Z sleepin' with her platypus

My prayers tonight are divided in so many directions... I feel like so many people need help right now. Even though I've only been there once, I'm sending a few extra prayers up to Boston tonight. I'll be there in about a month for graduation. There is just too much senseless violence in this world. 

Take care of each other, 

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