Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Things making me happy" Thursday


Today I felt very apathetic and tired most of the day, so I was sitting here thinking "What did I get accomplished?" and instead of focusing on that and stressing out, I changed my mind and thought "What made me happy?"

1) My 8th grade music students. I love all of my private studio kids, but my 8th graders lately have really been stepping up and really making an effort. Their improvement and enthusiasm has really overshadowed any frustration I have felt lately with my non-practicing students.

2) Checking things off the wedding list. A. and I finally finished our registries today! We had to totally re-do our Target registry because they have rebranded things from "My Target" to "Threshold," and suddenly all of our linens a few other random items - kitchenware and tools, namely - had disappeared from our registry. A. was a good sport about going back to the store (he hates shopping and crowds both) and now that is another thing taken care of. Also, the girls' bridesmaid gowns are in; I talked to a lady at my church about addressing our invitations for me; and A. got 95% of the addresses we still needed while he was at work today. SUCCESS!!!

3) Elementary school hugs. I have become a huge germaphobe this year- seen way too many varieties of illness and iffy personal hygiene- but I love the hugs I get from my kids. I love knowing that I am making a difference and that hopefully, someday they will remember me like I remember my teachers.

4) Letters. Speaking of elementary, this morning when I checked my mailbox first thing there was a letter in there with a note from the first grade teachers. Their class is learning about letter writing and one of them decided to write to me. It said: "Dear Miss T., Thank you for helping me with reading, but also for being my friend. Sincerely, E." LOVE.

Also, last week one of the kindergarten classes picked me to interview for their unit on interviews. They spent a day thinking of questions to ask me, and then they practiced asking the questions and proper interview etiquette, and then I came in and they interviewed me. I loved it! I was so excited about it, I can't even explain. Thankfully the teacher sent me the list of questions before the interview so I had some time to prepare, LOL:

I know I spelled "interview" wrong in the subject line... sue me, I typed it quickly at school.

People who know me well know that I am deathly afraid of birds, so question #4 cracked me up. Also- #16 may seem strange, but the kids call me Miss T., so they really didn't know my last name. : )

The class has since been working on writing stories incorporating my answers, and I get copies of them when they are done! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It is so interesting to have been helping them and see the things they decided to focus on from the interview. (And their phonetic spellings of my last name!)

5) Nostalgia. I don't know what it is, but lately I have been reflecting on all kinds of crazy things that I did in junior high and high school, and things like holidays and playdates with my cousins when I was little. I went home last weekend and found a bunch of old pictures when I was cleaning my desk out, including this super sexy band picture from junior high:

Oh, that perm. I'm so glad I got over that phase at a young age.

So in short, take some time today and instead of focusing on how productive you were, think about some of the things that made you happy, instead. : )

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