Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stupid, filthy, lying groundhog!

Oh hey there,

This morning it was CRAZY because when I left for work we had about three inches of snow. When I came home all of the snow was gone and it was pretty comfortable outside, albeit extremely windy. Basically we went from winter to spring in the span of one day. I'm briefly going to jump on the "I hate this weather" bandwagon and say SERIOUSLY?! WHERE IS SPRING?!


I also need to have a little piano teacher rant and say that if you, as a parent, are paying for your child's piano lessons, you should probably make them practice. This makes my mom laugh because she always had to fight with me to get me to practice, but seriously, as a teacher, it drives me crazy. It's like at school when kids don't do their homework, ever. Crazy.

On to other, happier things ---

Tonight we actually made dinner!

After doing a quick inventory of what we had to work with, I decided that tonight was a spaghetti and meatballs kind of night. Also, I had leftover spinach salad from the luncheon I was preparing for on Sunday. (Who wants to eat spinach salad when you have an entire table full of delicious desserts? Answer: Very few. Result: Lots of left over spinach.)

I couldn't find my normal meatball recipe so I Googled quickly and found this one. It was very good! I think the Worcestershire sauce (can't pronounce it, can spell it, amazingly) really added a lot to the recipe, even though it was a small amount. Although, I have to say I only got 19 meatballs out of this, and it says it should yield 20-24. Ehhhhhhh.

SO anyway, here is my spaghetti (Nature Valley whole wheat) with the meatballs and DelGrosso's spaghetti sauce (the best), and my spinach salad. And Crystal Light pink lemonade. A. tried to make garlic bread - he usually succeeds at this venture - but instead of using the glass pan he usually uses, he used a metal pan I had already set out. I guess technically it's my fault that the garlic bread burned then. Curses, foiled again! He was very kind though and cleaned everything up since I cooked. Hooray!

Okay, I think tonight calls for a bubble bath. PEACE OUT, everyone, and don't forget to check back for Harry Potter Fix tomorrow! EXCITED!


  1. I love spaghetti and meatballs! :) Thank you for linking up!

    1. Can't go wrong with a classic! : ) We have breakfast for dinner all the time. Actually, A. eats "breakfast foods" pretty much whenever he feels like. Egg sandwiches are one of the few foods he figured out pre-relationship. ; ) LOL