Saturday, March 30, 2013


This weekend has been pretty awesome so far! : )

Yesterday we didn't have school since it was Good Friday, so my mom came to visit! We decided to spend the bulk of our day shopping at the Hagerstown Prime Outlets in Maryland. We both enjoy shopping, and it was a beautiful day to go to the outlets and walk around. Sometimes when we visit we don't find anything and it's hit or miss, but yesterday we were actually pretty successful! Additionally, since I've lost some more weight, it was nice that clothes were fitting better. : )

First we stopped at New York and Company, where everything was 50% off. I found: two pairs of pants, two shirts, and two cardigans. While I was waiting for my mom I also found a nice bright pink soft v-neck sweater for $6.00! Score! (Can we pause for a second here and recap: TWO PAIRS OF PANTS. TWO. It was amazing.)

Next we stopped in Bass for my mom to look at shoes, and I found this polo for A.:

I sent him a picture. He was not impressed. LOL : ) Definitely not his style!

We also stopped in the Dress Barn outlet. I have to say I hate the name Dress Barn, but sometimes I do find really nice things in there. I was hesitant about this dress, and sent my BFF/MOH a picture of it before I went back and bought it before we left... I really do like it!

Mom pointed out that I will probably like the way it looks more when I have a tan and am not as pale as a ghost. : )

I also did some minimal damage at the Gap Outlet, and bought a bunch of bubble bath at Bath & Body Works (which I don't think was really a deal, but whatever).

This morning I had to run some errands and I stopped at Kohl's while I was waiting for other stores to open. While I was there I bought this dress:

I LOVE IT. This is definitely a honeymoon dress. It's that bouncy material that won't wrinkle in my suitcase, and I can definitely see wearing it out to one of our nice dinners at Disney World.

Anyway, other than spending all of this money... last night mom spent the night, and some of my friends came over. It was so nice to see them, because it's been a while! We had some wine and good food, vented our joys and frustrations of teaching, and watched "Pitch Perfect." Unfortunately my mom had to drive back this morning. I am going to miss spending Easter with my family, but sharing the holidays is a sacrifice that comes with being in a two-family relationship.

This morning I was surprised when one of my BFFs, B., texted me and asked if I was busy today, because she wanted to drive down to visit. We had a great day- hung out and went for a walk- and she helped me assemble half of my wedding invitations before we needed to take a break! It was so nice to see her and such a nice surprise. The beautiful weather today is also boosting my mood.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and have a wonderful Easter tomorrow! : )

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