Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Satellite Internet OR, why I haven't posted in a week

Hi there!

So, I have been a little absent lately.

Remember when I had my happy post about Internet? And how we finally had it at the new house after two and a half long, long weeks of fighting with the cable company and sitting in my cold, empty rental house?


I spoke too soon.

And as I predicted it would be... Trying to type this out on my phone is a huge pain in the butt!

We did have Internet, for a glorious 9 days. Because with satellite Internet, you have a data plan. And when you Facebook, Pinterest, blog, wedding plan, and work in education (me), and stream a lot of YouTube and On Demand shows (A.)... You use your entire data plan for the month in 9 days. Then, just when you are about to start watching a training video for work, the Internet will suddenly die.

I'm not going to get into the expenses and the millions of phone calls that were made, not to mention that the satellite guys had to make two trips to our house in less than two weeks to install and then uninstall the Internet.

All I'm going to say is, when you're making these kinds of decisions that affect your wallet and your lifestyle... Do more research and be less angry.

On the bright side, there is now one fewer satellite attached to my house.

ANYWAY, expect a proper blog entry this weekend when I have cable Internet again!!!

I hope.
Until then!

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  1. How incredibly irritating! (Love the Molly meme!)