Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Money matters

Oh hey!

Guess what. It's a snow day after all.

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning. 

By lunchtime we probably had about 8 inches of snow, but then it started to rain, which got rid of some of the snow, and then everything stopped all together. I loved the way the trees looked this morning though. Since we moved, we're farther away from busy streets, and it was so quiet and beautiful. 

I wouldn't be sad, though, if this was the last snow of the season. I am so ready for summer!!!

The other night I finally buckled down and tracked our finances for the year- 2012, that is. 

I got a little bit behind because of the whole moving thing.

We're trying to get more aware of what we are spending, so for the last two years I've kept track of our expenses for utilities, groceries, and assorted receipts. This year I want to be more diligent about money we spend online and eating out. We missed tracking a lot of that last year. I did discover that I shop way too much at Target. : ) We are also hoping that we spend less on utilities since we no longer have oil heat and our new house is smaller than the rental one was - no 10 foot ceilings!

I've seen lots of pins on Pinterest about spending less on groceries - something that we definitely need to focus on. If you have any tips on saving money at the supermarket, please let me know! : )

Enjoy your snow day, if you have one!

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