Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Hey world,

So as nearly everyone in the United States knows, yesterday was the Super Bowl. I had no interest in the game yesterday, as we're big Steelers ("Stillers") fans, but we had a party anyway. (I have to admit that I have been a big grump all weekend and I was NOT in the mood to have a bunch of people over. My stress headaches have been getting out of control, and A. and I have both been a little on edge lately.)   I saw a couple of the commercials and watched most of halftime- not a big Beyonce fan but DAMN, that was awesome, and DESTINY'S CHILD!!!!

But as usual, the job for me was mostly: food.

In addition to that table, we also had five pizzas, crab meltaways & puffs (courtesy of A's mom) and this table:

Basically... there was a lot of food. And I took the day off from Weight Watchers.

Here are the main things I made: 

"Katydid" cookies - chocolate, caramel, and pecan - I don't have a recipe for these becauseeeeee they are from a pre-made mix that I got from a school fundraiser. (Tasty Batters) [Did I mention we're moving and I'm trying to use stuff in the freezer?]

Beer Dip - My Aunt Dawn gave this recipe to me when we moved into our current house, along with a chip-n-dip bowl. It usually goes over well : ) And it is MIGHTY good with pretzels! I always make A. drink the leftover beer because I hate it. 

Beer Dip
2 packages softened cream cheese (I used one fat-free and one Neuftachel)
1 packet ranch dressing mix
1/3 cup beer
2 cups fat-free shredded cheddar cheese

Mix cream cheese, beer, and ranch dressing mix together in a bowl. Mix in cheddar cheese. Serve with pretzels.

"Dunkaroo Dip" - I got this recipe from Pinterest and we all enjoyed it : ) I served it with Nilla Wafers, Girl Scout Trefoil (shortbread) cookies, and Angry Bird cookies. (I was going to get Teddy Grahams but then I saw the Angry Birds, and our nephew LOVES them.)

So today is back on track with the diet. Luckily, with moving things lately, I have been getting lots of exercise. Our current house is two stories and the new house is a split level, so both houses involve moving the boxes up and down stairs... and I guess I should keep packing now, since I took the day off of school to recuperate from Weekend of Migraines 2013. 

Have a good week, everyone : )

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