Thursday, February 7, 2013


Well HEY!

I haven't been here on the blog for a few days.

Want to know why?


Olympic - Paint & Primer in One - "Brandied Pears"

Olympic - Paint & Primer in One - .... I can't remember the name of this blue. Oops.

A. and I have been painting fiends.

Here's what I've discovered about painting:

  • I hate painter's tape. HATE. IT. 
  • .... in a related vein, if you're buying painter's tape, get the good stuff. Not the cheap stuff. Because even though you are buying four gallons of paint plus dropcloths, paint trays, brushes, rollers, and all of the other accouterments.... you will NOT be as frustrated in the end if you just bite the bullet and get the good painter's tape that will actually stick to your wall.
  • Edgers are miraculous. Who knew about edgers? Answer: not me, before Sunday. 
  • ..... but don't edge an entire wall and then start to paint the rest, because the edge will dry and you won't be able to blend anything.
  • After you've taped around all of the outlet covers, someone will say, "You know, you could have just removed the outlet covers." And if you didn't think about it, the best possible retort you have in your arsenal is "Well, we don't have any screwdrivers at this house yet."
  • Buy more than three dropcloths if you are painting more than one room. (*facepalm*)
  • Even if your house is 60 degrees, prop open a window. Because otherwise you are going to feel like you sandpapered your throat after you spent two days in an unventilated paint zone.
And most importantly...
  • If you have ordered a refrigerator, remember to paint the refrigerator hole and give it enough time to dry before, you know, it's actually delivered. 
In other news,

Yesterday was weigh-in Wednesday and that was kind of a disappointment. Although that shouldn't come as a surprise as my diet was totally blown to shreds last weekend between eating out and our Superbowl party. The good news is, I am back on track, and also painting is kind of a work out. Also, you can't really eat while you're painting, so that's been a few large chunks of time where I'm not even thinking about food.

The last week I have been kind of down, but today I felt like I was back to normal. Which is nice. I think a lot of it was stress related to various things, but some of it was also homesickness, because I haven't been home in a while. Luckily, my parents and brother are coming to visit this weekend (and help move), and I think looking forward to that has helped. Also, I am lucky that I work with some really awesome and supportive people who noticed things were off and did their best to help me out. 


If you get caught up in nasty weather... be safe!
Be back soon, hopefully in the new place : )

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